Saturday, September 30, 2023


Is Crypto Mining Legal in the State of Michigan?

If you are interested in crypto mining, you may be wondering if it is legal in the State of Michigan. Crypto mining has gained...


What is Hooked Protocol, and how does it work?

1. For the uninitiated, the complexity of cryptocurrencies has been a steep barrier in onboarding. Hooked Protocol efficiently combines the learning of the...

Boosting adoption with DeFi asset management: Velvet Capital joins Cointelegraph Accelerator

The decentralized asset management OS Velvet Capital that is driving DeFi adoption joins the Cointelegraph Accelerator program. ?T Accelerator Join us on...



Unveiling X2Y2: Pioneering NFT Finance and Innovation

X2Y2 is both an NFT Marketplace as well as a platform for NFT Loans established in October 2021 that has been operating safely for...

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ALL BEST ICO (ALLBI) Rises 2.11% Friday: What’s Next for This Bearish Rated Crypto?

 ​ALL BEST ICO (ALLBI) gets a bearish rating from InvestorsObserver Friday. The crypto is up 2.11% to $0.0001917804739 while the broader crypto market is...


Hong Kong warns crypto firms against referring to themselves as “banks”

Hong Kong warns crypto firms against using the word “bank” The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) says only licensed banks can take “deposits.” Using terms such...

F2Pool returns 19 BTC to Paxos after overpayment of over $500k

A recent erroneous Bitcoin transaction that led to an inflated transaction fee of $510,000, nearly 480,000 times the average network fee of $2.176, traced...

Japan eases regulations on startup financing to allow for crypto

Japan eyes support for crypto startups in new regulation on startup financing. According to reports, the new rules means startups can raise funds from investors...

Bitcoin mining is for the people, thanks to GoMining

Bitcoin mining is one of the best ways to support and participate in the network and earn BTC. However, for most people, it is...

Riot Platforms power strategy reaps $31.7M in Texas energy credits

Continuing its strategic shift aimed at mitigating losses, Riot Platforms, a prominent Bitcoin miner, continues to capitalize on Texas’s energy credits system, earning a...
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Coinbase Secures License to List Crypto Perpetual Futures for Retail Users

 ​By securing the latest regulatory approval, Coinbase would be able to offer its eligible customers access to regulated perpetual futures contracts on the Coinbase...

French Museum Leverages Tezos Blockchain to Offer Patrons Digital NFT Souvenirs

 ​ Fusing art and technology, the Musée d’Orsay, in partnership with the Tezos Foundation, is launching digital NFT souvenirs for its upcoming exhibition, “Van Gogh...

Crypto Stars in India: India’s Most Prominent Crypto Personalities

 ​New Delhi (India), September 29: In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, India has emerged as a hotspot for crypto enthusiasts and visionaries....

Crypto’s First Year After the FTX Blowup: ‘It’s Been Miserable’

 ​Sara Feenan took the plunge in 2017, leaving a career in finance for the brave new world of crypto.Feenan, whose stints over the years...

Real-World Passions Will Onboard the Next Wave of Crypto Adopters

 ​About the AuthorSam Simmons is co-founder and CEO at MintPass, a travel inspiration app powered by digital souvenir collecting. He invests in Web3 as...

Digital identity in crypto: A conversation with XGo ID and ENS

 ​ More convenient identity layer solutions and bringing more crypto non-natives into the industry — here are the key takeaways from the X Space...

Top Crypto Gurus in India: Insights and Analysis

 ​India has been at the forefront of the global cryptocurrency revolution, with a burgeoning community of crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. As the crypto ecosystem...

Argentina to issue blockchain-based digital IDs, more inside

 ​Data stored within these digital wallets grants citizens the power to oversee the distribution of their credentials. Both the Argentine government and the city of...

Is crypto dead? Critic Molly White doesn’t think so.

 ​“The crypto industry is prone to techno-solutionism, which is really saying that we can solve any problem with technology,” White said. “It’s naïve, and...

Crypto gains official credence in the UAE

 ​ The cryptocurrency value received by the UAE was nearly $34.9 billion from July 2022 to June 2023, a recent report showed. According to figures...