Saturday, January 28, 2023



Argo Blockchain Lawsuit Alleges Bitcoin Miner ‘Misrepresented’ Pre-IPO Finances

​ Investors in Bitcoin mining firm Argo Blockchain have slapped the firm with a class-action lawsuit, accusing it of making false claims pre-IPO. The London-based firm...

SHIB price preps for 75% boom as Shiba Inu teases L2 blockchain launch

Shiba Inu traders are in FOMO with the Shibarium launch but it might not be the best time to buy SHIB yet. Shiba Inu is...



How Kevin Rose got duped into giving away valuable NFTs

 ​Illustration: A?da Amer/AxiosKevin Rose, a serial entrepreneur going back to 2004's web pioneer Digg, got tricked into giving away a bunch of very valuable...

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Best and new upcoming ICOs of 2023 to invest in

 ​ The year of 2022 was not as successful as previous years for crypto investors. Nevertheless crypto is still an instrument to protect the...


EU Delays MiCA Crypto Regulations Due to Translation Issues

The EU's landmark Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) crypto regulations will not see a final vote until April. The delay is also likely to...

Bahrain real estate company starts accepting crypto payments

​ Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment in the Kingdom of Bahrain has embraced bitcoin and crypto and would allow clients to pay for their property...

Bitcoin mining brings more than money to this East African country

A Bitcoin mining project in a remote corner of Malawi connects more families to the grid while delivering economic empowerment to an impoverished region. Read...

Global Cryptocurrency Trade Volumes Saw a Significant Decline in December 2022 – Market Updates Bitcoin News

According to statistics, daily cryptocurrency trade volumes have dropped significantly during December 2022. Read the full article here

Blockstream raises $125M to finance expanded Bitcoin mining operations

Bitcoin miners came under significant pressure during the bear market; however, Blockstream said institutional hosting customers were more "resilient." 
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Two Coins Worth Analysing This Year on the Crypto Market – Big Eyes Coin and Cardano

 ​Most people are trying to figure out how to make money quickly and easily, especially in this day and age of networking and innovation....

US Department of Justice brings down crypto ransomware group “Hive”, blocked over $130 million ransoms

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been attempting to break into Hive's network since July 2022. The United States conducted the operation in cooperation from...

Australian Securities Exchange Will Be First to Power System With Blockchain

​The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) will become the first central stock exchange to power its clearing and settlement system with blockchain technology. The ASX has...

NetNewsLedger – “The Growing Impact of Cryptocurrency in Today’s World” Przemyslaw Kral: The Crypto Savvy CEO of Zonda. Mission to educate the world about...

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have been gaining significant attention and adoption in recent years. These digital assets, based on blockchain technology, offer...

MetisDAO unveils KORIS, end-to-end operations system for DACs

​ MetisDAO Foundation says decentralised autonomous organisations can use its KORIS technology to transition into decentraised autonomous companies, or DACs.  KORIS is designed to help businesses...

How AI trading technology is making stock market investors smarter

​ Introduction to AI trading technology Top AI trading technology companies, including GreenKey Technologies, Kavout Corporation and IntotheBlock. Do you have any idea how AI trading technology...

CBI Releases the Whitepaper and the Roadmap for its digital world AlphaVerse

 ​CBI Releases the Whitepaper and the Roadmap for its digital world AlphaVerse The whitepaper details the technology and vision behind AlphaVerseIt also includes...

VeChain: UCO Network is revolutionizing the used cooking oil and biofuel industry

 ​The UCO network will leverage the VeChain technology and expertise to improve the transparency and security of its marketplace. 

Crypto Is Worth Fixing. Regulators Should Get Moving

 ​ The once-burgeoning realm of crypto and decentralized finance keeps imploding, presenting policy makers with a quandary: Should they just let it burn, or step...

At World Economic Forum This Year, Panels Debated Blockchain ‘Case Studies’

 ​In efforts to avoid association with the FTX collapse, conversations shifted away from "crypto" and more to specific applications of the underlying blockchain technology.