What Happened When California’s State Government Examined the Risks and Benefits of AI?


An anonymous reader shared this report from the Los Angeles Times:

AI that can generate text, images and other content could help improve state programs but also poses risks, according to a report released by the governor’s office on Tuesday. Generative AI could help quickly translate government materials into multiple languages, analyze tax claims to detect fraud, summarize public comments and answer questions about state services. Still, deploying the technology, the analysis warned, also comes with concerns around data privacy, misinformation, equity and bias. “When used ethically and transparently, GenAI has the potential to dramatically improve service delivery outcomes and increase access to and utilization of government programs,” the report stated…

AI advancements could benefit California’s economy. The state is home to 35 of the world’s 50 top AI companies and data from Pitchfork says the GenAI market could reach $42.6 billion in 2023, the report said. Some of the risks outlined in the report include spreading false information, giving consumers dangerous medical advice and enabling the creation of harmful chemicals and nuclear weapons. Data breaches, privacy and bias are also top concerns along with whether AI will take away jobs. “Given these risks, the use of GenAI technology should always be evaluated to determine if this tool is necessary and beneficial to solve a problem compared to the status quo,” the report said.

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