Community Rules

CryptoBlogs aims to provide a community environment where all of our users can share their opinions freely and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome to come to our site and provide insightful, delightful and informative thoughts, but we also hope to provide a space where everyone respects each other without spam, abuse or promotional messages. We want all users to feel comfortable and safe being in the space. Therefore, we are setting up some community rules to define what is acceptable and what is not — all users are expected to follow our community guidelines!

Whoever fails to follow our rules will have their messages deleted, and further action taken if necessary. CryptoBlogs could temporarily or permanently suspend accounts from being able to post, comment, repost or share any messages from the CryptoBlogs discussion feature if community rules are repeatedly violated.

  • Abuse
    CryptoBlogs users are from all over the world and have different backgrounds in languages, religions, cultures, etc. There are often times that users might disagree with each other — which can be good for stimulating creativity or representing the diversity of the community! However, if the wording or images in the posted messages are used for attacking other parties, that breaks our community guidelines. Examples of this could be related to:
      • Violence:
        Users are not allowed to show any intention to threaten a particular user or a group of users. This includes (but is not limited to) threatening to hurt, kill or sexually assault someone else, or encouraging others to perform the above actions with rewards in return — all of the above are prohibited. This also includes hoping or wishing others to be harmed in any way.
      • Insults:
        No one in the CryptoBlogs community should be insulted because of holding different opinions, or in fact, for any reason. Users should not post any insulting language or images on our platform to target one or a group of users.
      • Harassment:
        Any form of harassment, including (but not limited to) harassment based on sex, race, gender identification, age, occupation, religion, national origins, disablity, marital status, crypto beliefs or political beliefs is prohibited. Any unwanted sexual advances, adult media, sexual discussion or solicitation of sexual acts are also considered to be a form of harassment which is not allowed on the CryptoBlogs platform.
      • Vulgarity:
        Our system stops you from posting inappropriate language or images; however, any form of vulgar wording will not be allowed.
  • Promotional Messages
    We understand that a lot of our community members are involved in cryptocurrency or blockchain businesses and would love to introduce new services or highlight your brilliant products to all other users. We encourage you to share ideas, product knowledge, and new technology, but please do not directly post messages regarding discounts or sales on our platform. CryptoBlogs reserves the right to review or delete any promotional posts which we think could be inappropriate to our community users.
      • Spams
        We hope everyone on our platform will have a comfortable space to view different ideas or find insights; please do not repeatedly post similar messages on one board or on multiple boards.
  • Scams
    Any fraudulent acts or messages are not allowed on the CryptoBlogs platform. If any user posts messages or images which indicate potentially fraudulent activities, CryptoBlogs has the right to delete the message or ban the usage of our community features for whoever posted the messages.
  • Manipulation
    Many users on CryptoBlogs often seek investment ideas, so it’s important to provide accurate and real information on the platform. No user should manipulate or provide incorrect information to other users, spread rumors about a particular project or coin, or use community power to cheerlead or bash any project and try to drive the opinion of a certain coin or project. Users shall not create multiple accounts to post similar messages or opinions either.
  • Illegal
    Any illegal activities should not be conducted on the CryptoBlogs platform. No users should post information about selling or buying any illegal goods or services, or reveal any unlawful actions.
  • Bots
    No users should try to use automated services to post spam messages or images, or to try to repeatedly attack our system with the intent of crashing the service.
  • Plagiarism
    We love to see users sharing information. If any user wants to share opinions or articles that were written by other parties or authors, please make sure you state clearly where the sources came from. Please do not directly copy and paste other people’s intellectual property on our platform without proper citations.
  • Personal Information
    It’s important to protect everyone’s personal information including yours! If you accidentally or purposely post your emails, wallet addresses, or phone numbers on the community space, we have the obligation to remove it from public views. So be careful and protect yourself!