Sky Mavis Brings MMORPG Lumiterra to Ronin



Ticker Logic Studio today announced its decision to migrate its MMORPG Lumiterra from Arbitrum to Ronin, an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based blockchain known for its robust gaming capabilities. The move aims to tap into the burgeoning market of Web3 gamers, particularly in China and Hong Kong, enhancing both player experience and blockchain functionality.

Lumiterra: Embers of the Legacy, which combines elements of survival, crafting, and real-time combat within a vast open-world setting, has built its reputation on a unique blend of immersive gameplay and decentralized finance (DeFi). Players engage in a dynamic economy, centered around resource gathering, crafting, and trading, while advancing through a mix of solo and collaborative quests.

“Our goal is to captivate players through high-quality games, allowing the in-game goods economy to function naturally and fostering a healthy economic circulation system that supports the game’s ongoing expansion and depth,” said Lark, Co-Founder and CEO of Lumiterra.

According to Lark, Ronin’s scalability and active community presence provide an ideal environment for players of Lumiterra.

Ronin, developed by Sky Mavis—the minds behind the Web3 sensation Axie Infinity—has proven its capacity to handle the demands of high-traffic blockchain games. Generating over $1.3 billion in revenue and processing more than $4 billion in NFT volumes, Ronin facilitates near-instant transactions with minimal fees, a crucial feature for maintaining the flow of game dynamics and player transactions.

Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder, Trung Nguyen, said: “Lumiterra offers rich gameplay experiences, from survival and crafting to exploration and DeFi engagement. With a strong, organically-grown community and proven success in the DeFi space, Lumiterra is set to thrive on Ronin.”

As of early June, Ronin reported over 1.44 million daily active addresses and held a 27.35% market share among gaming chains, ranking as the second most used blockchain globally.

Lumiterra’s closed beta launch on Ronin is scheduled for the next month.

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