Router Protocol Secures Strategic Funding to Propel Development and Router Chain Mainnet Launch



Router Protocol has closed an oversubscribed strategic funding round, drawing notable investments from a cohort of crypto angels and heavyweight funds. This funding injection marks a strategic expansion of Router’s cap table with key players deeply ingrained in the crypto world.

The intent behind the round was not merely financial but also to cultivate a roster of crypto operators who can drive ecosystem growth as the technology evolves.

Among the distinguished new angels and advisors are several high-profile web3 executives and founders, such as Keone Hon from Monad, Parker Jou of Caldera, and Amrit Kumar from Altlayer. Their expertise is expected to be instrumental in guiding Router through its next growth phases.

Reaffirming their confidence in Router’s vision, existing investors including Wintermute Ventures, Woodstock, and DeFi Capital, also participated.

This round of funding brought together influential figures like Zaki Manian of Sommelier and Cosmos, and Surojit Chatterjee, a veteran of Coinbase and Google, who are anticipated to play a crucial role in evangelizing Router’s expanded capabilities.

The capital raised will be strategically deployed to support the imminent launch of the Router Chain mainnet, which promises to revolutionize how value is transferred across blockchains by simplifying interactions and enhancing user experiences.

Ramani Ramachandran, CEO of Router Protocol, emphasized the project’s dedication to simplifying blockchain technology to foster a more intuitive environment for developers and users. “Router Chain embodies the evolution of our unwavering vision to build the universal interconnectivity layer between fragmented L1/L2 networks,” Ramachandran stated.

Adding to the technological milestones, Shubham Singh, CTO of Router Protocol, highlighted the recent success of Router Nitro—a super-fast, gas-efficient bridge facilitating cross-chain transactions. Nitro has already seen a transaction volume of over $350 million in just four months, demonstrating significant industry demand and user engagement.

Looking ahead, Router Protocol is setting up the Router Ecosystem Grants Program, aiming to infuse the ecosystem with new projects that leverage its innovative cross-chain solutions. Furthermore, an overhaul in tokenomics is set to intensify community engagement and support the proliferation of new interoperability features.

This latest funding round not only underscores the industry’s appetite for robust web3 infrastructure but also solidifies Router Protocol’s position at the forefront of blockchain interconnectivity solutions, setting the stage for a new era of frictionless and integrated blockchain environments.

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