DOGE Creator Stuns Community With Crypto Market State Summary



U.Today – One of the two Dogecoin creators, known on social media as Shibetoshi Nakamoto and in real life as Billy Markus, has offered the global cryptocurrency community his comments as to what is happening on the crypto market at the moment.

He summarized the current state of the cryptocurrency market in just one small sentence.

Billy Markus shares his take on state of crypto market

Over the past week, the world’s largest cryptocurrency,Bitcoin, the locomotive of the whole crypto market, has been showing a high level of volatility, and it has lost almost 6.5% in total, plunging from the $70,000 price level.

The $65,100 zone has been acting as a support for Bitcoin all this time as BTC has hit this level three times and then bounced from it. Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin lost close to 3% and fell to $65,090 but then quickly rebounded back to $65,770 to face a decline again.

Altcoins have been following Bitcoin’s ups and downs all this time, making the market bleed to death.

Billy Markus commented on all those volatility movements, saying, “Wow crypto market you suck.”

His followers immediately posted multiple responses to that critical market statement, some agreeing with the DOGE cofounder and others pointing out that the market regularly goes through periods of high volatility, and there is that nothing can be done about this.

Markus calls crypto market “degenerate casino”

Last week, the DOGE co-creator also published a critique aimed at the cryptocurrency market. Markus then revealed that he gets asked frequently which coin, he believes, will go up or down in value next.

He confessed that these questions continue to sound funny to him since he believes that nobody can predict “this degenerate casino,” as he referred to the market.

Regardless of the overall state of the market, however, Billy Markus made a curious statement on the X platform yesterday, surprising many crypto users. In a “Bitcoin or Dogecoin” debate, he picked BTC, tweeting: “I’d rather have 1 bitcoin than 1 dogecoin tbh.”

At the start of this year, the DOGE creator revealed the size of his Bitcoin holdings, 0.006 BTC, which is currently worth $391.07. Should BTC hit $100,000 at some point, Markus said that he would celebrate this fact by having dinner at Olive Garden restaurant.

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