Minnesota’s Regulatory Director Accused of Selling Illegal Products



Minnesota’s newly appointed Director of the state’s Office of Cannabis Management, Erin DuPree, has stepped down following claims that she sold illegal cannabis products.

According to the Star Tribune, Erin DuPree has stepped down from the role of Director after it was claimed her former hemp business, Loonacy Cannabis Co., was selling products that did not comply with state law.

The publications reported that the claims suggest that DuPree sold products that contained higher levels of THC than regulations allow, and also racked up tens of thousands of dollars in tax liens.

In a press statement, DuPree commented that she would not be continuing in the role of Director: “I have never knowingly sold any non-compliant product, and when I became aware of them I removed the products from inventory.

“Conducting lawful business has been an objective of my business career. However, it has become clear that I have become a distraction that would stand in the way of the important work that needs to be done.

“I have never knowingly sold any noncompliant product, and when I became aware of them I removed the products from inventory.”

The Star Tribune reports that on Loonacy Cannabis Co’s own website, data shows the company’s sold edible products containing 10 milligrams of THC per serving and 150 milligrams per package, despite state law only allowing 5 milligrams of THC per edible and 50 milligrams per package.

Governor Tim Walz stated: “We have a responsibility to assure Minnesotans that this emerging market will be safe, lawful, and well-regulated.

“We’re making progress toward implementing this work, including beginning the hiring process for nine key leadership positions and we will launch the rulemaking process in October. I am grateful to Charlene Briner for stepping up to continue to lead in the interim.”


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