SEABW Turns the Spotlight on Southeast Asia’s Flourishing Web3 Landscape With Over 40 Side Events and an All-encompassing Agenda



Bangkok, Thailand, April 15th, 2024, Chainwire

Southeast Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW), a premier blockchain conference exploring the evolving landscape of Web3 in the Southeast Asia region, is proud to announce that there will be over 40 side events, web3 meetups, workshops, and social gatherings. So, attendees can expect a week brimming with engagement, insights and endless networking opportunities.

The SEABW will be held on April 22-28 at the True ICON Hall in Bangkok, Thailand. While the main event will take place on April 24-25, there will be major side events throughout the week. Here are some of the key highlights of the industry gathering:

Game Day: Scheduled for April 24th and co-hosted with YGG and W3GG, Game Day will feature 5+ demos of forthcoming titles, 6+ game show matches, and more in the presence of Web3 gaming community members and leading KOLs.Demo Day: Sponsored by Kroma, the Demo Day is organized in partnership with Hashed, Wintermute, SCB 10X, Saison Capital, Faction, and Krungsri Finnovate. It gives 12 projects an opportunity to pitch themselves to investors and industry participants. The top 3 winners will get a total of $5000 in prizes ($2,500 for first place, $1,500 for second place, and $1,000 for third place).TOKENIZATION Summit: Held on April 22nd by Token X, this event explores tokenization for urban development, regenerative finance, and how to use blockchain technology to weave music and wellness into Thailand’s thriving tourism industry.ONCHAIN 2024: It will be the region’s first real-world asset (RWA) conference. Held on April 26th, ONCHAIN will have influential figures from traditional finance, fintech, and web3 providing insights on the future of RWAs through a series of panel discussions.ZKonnect Summit 2024: It’s a zero-knowledge summit co-hosted by Polygon Labs, SCB 10X & SCBX on April 23rd. The event aims to delve into the Zero Knowledge ecosystem, showcasing Polygon Labs as a pioneering force in developing a decentralized financial system with scalability powered by zero-knowledge proofs.THE WEB 3.0 ERA: Set for April 26th, this event is the result of a collaboration between Thai and South Korean Web3 heavyweights to spread regional Web 3.0 knowledge, utility, and awareness.Here’s the full list of side events. Over 3,000 developers, startup founders, investors, and Web3 enthusiasts from around the world are expected to join the event to understand the localized Go-to-Market strategies, cultural and user behavioral trends, user acquisition, regulations and diverse use cases in the area.


The event’s all-encompassing agenda will cover topics and discussions highlighting the potential mass adoption of Web3 in the Southeast Asian region, ideas and products and services from the local Web3 industry.

The key narratives of the event are:

The Southeast Asian Way: How to engage with users/builders in SEA with concrete examplesMecca of Gaming: Web3 Gaming that put SEA on the map, and its ongoing evolutionFuture of Finance: Bridging traditional and decentralized finance to explore new opportunitiesBridging the Gap with Impact: Web3 opportunities for Web2 enterprises in the regionAt Bleeding Edge: Latest trend in Web3 apps and their implication on SEATechnological Advance: Emerging technologies and ideas that could potentially impact mass adoption in SEAAlong these themes, a total of over 170 innovators, entrepreneurs, decision-makers and thought leaders across the entire spectrum of the blockchain industry will engage in keynote sessions, panel discussions, fireside chats, and moderated debates.

The SEABW organizers would like to thank the sponsors for their help in making it the most important event in the country for conversations about crypto, blockchain, and Web3. SCBX, the leading entity in a financial technology business group, and zkSync, the ZK-rollup powered scaling and privacy engine for Ethereum, are the top-flight title sponsors while Aptos and Flipster are the platinum sponsors. The roster of gold sponsors includes Polkadot, SCB 10X, and Token X. The silver sponsors are Analog, Jambo, Saison Capital, Factblock, and Serotonin.

About SEABWSoutheast Asia Blockchain Week is the flagship conference for web3 developers, investors, and users. It brings together key figures from across the industry for seven days of panel discussions, keynotes, product demonstrations, and networking. From Web3 Games to RWAs, SEABW illuminates Southeast Asia’s most promising startups and web3 companies.

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Buy Tickets Discover Sponsors Check out Agenda About ShardLabShardLab is the innovation arm of Hashed, a leading global Web3 venture capital firm based in Asia. Beyond ideas, we actively build ecosystems and collaborations to bring innovative disruptions using Web3 technology. Our vision extends to fostering mass adoption of Web3 in Southeast Asia, making technology accessible, and empowering communities in this dynamic digital frontier.

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