Scam Alert: Binance Co-Founder Targeted in Twitter Impersonation Scheme


 ​[[{“value”:”Binance co-founder Yi He warns of an impersonator scam on Twitter.The scammer has already tricked users, causing significant financial losses.Binance urges caution and recommends verifying information through official channels.

Binance co-founder Yi He has issued a disclaimer against an impersonator using her identity to scam unsuspecting users on the social media platform X. Yi He denied having issued any new memecoins and called on the platform owner, Elon Musk, to ask if there is any way to address the issue from his end.

Yi He warned the public that clicking on the impersonator’s link could lead to users’ money being stolen. She noted the hacker had already tricked many people, leading to significant financial losses.

Ms. He made an earlier post alerting the public after she noticed a fake account impersonating her X identity. She highlighted someone clicking the link provided by the impersonator and got scammed of 60 ETH.

The Binance co-founder reaffirmed that her only X account is with the handle @heyibinance and BNB is the only token she endorsed.

He shared screenshots from the impostor, alongside a couple of X accounts, attempting to impersonate her with handles reflecting modifications of her identity. She warned users to stay alert to such fake accounts and report them to X to prevent others from being scammed.

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, has also stepped in with support for its co-founder. The crypto exchange urged users to be cautious with information they encounter online. Binance stressed the importance of avoiding unverified links and/or QR codes advising users to double-check information through official channels before engagement.

The recent incident underscores the prevalent craftiness of online scammers in using the reputation of notable figures to deceive users. It goes without saying that crypto aficionados need to safeguard their digital assets through proper scrutiny.

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