Blockhain Sophon Secures $10M in Funding from Renowned Investors While Shrouded in Mystery



Tortola, BVI, March 29th, 2024, Chainwire

Mysterious blockchain Sophon has successfully raised $10 million led by Paper Ventures and Maven11. The funding round attracted contributions from prominent firms such as Spartan, SevenX, OKX Ventures and Huobi Ventures.

With nothing more than a handful of tweets thus far, the details of exactly what Sophon entails remain largely unknown. The project’s enigmatic X bio merely states that it is a “modular blockchain powered by [BLANK] and [BLANK] on [BLANK], leading us all to a brighter future.”

“Our investment in Sophon aligns with our vision to support projects which are not just technologically advanced but also have the potential to make a profound impact on their communities,” said Danish Chaudhry, General Partner of Paper Ventures.

“Sophon’s unique and innovative approach to blockchain building presents a new frontier in the industry. We are thrilled to be part of this journey and entirely confident in Sophon’s ability to make a huge impact on not just web3 but beyond.”

Leading figures from multiple industries have been liaising with Sophon for additional strategic collaborations, with details to be revealed by the team in due course and several projects rumored to be building on Sophon in the gaming and AI space.

With its robust network, strategic collaborations and fierce commitment to innovation, Sophon has already made a considerable impact on the VCs and angel investors that have decided to support its secretive vision. The pioneers behind the project are excited to share more details very soon.

About Sophon:

Sophon is a blockchain backed by a consortium of leading investors. Despite its value proposition remaining largely secretive, the project has already raised $10 million from a slew of prominent investors and sealed several meaningful strategic partnerships.


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