Pomelo’s Chilean Debut Sparks Crypto Card Craze and Legal Tech Leap!



Tuesday’s news is ablaze with groundbreaking developments reshaping Latin America’s finance and technology landscape. Pomelo, the fintech powerhouse founded by industry stalwarts from Mercado Pago, Naranja X, and Mastercard, marks its entry into Chile, signaling its unwavering commitment to expanding its fintech empire across the region. As part of its ambitious strategy, Pomelo collaborates with Bitypreço and Biscoint, two of Brazil’s leading cryptocurrency players, to unveil the game-changing Bitybank Crypto Card, which empowers customers to seamlessly purchase Brazilian natural, bitcoin, and various other cryptocurrencies while offering enticing cashback incentives to new users.

In a parallel move to enhance legal services accessibility, ConfiAbogado, the Mexico City-based legal tech trailblazer, secured a significant USD $1.65 million in seed funding. Backed by top-tier investors, including Tuesday Capital, DTB Capital, Seedstars International Ventures, and others, ConfiAbogado aims to broaden its reach and revolutionize how legal services are accessed and utilized throughout Latin America.

Meanwhile, the fintech landscape experiences a seismic shift as Rapyd, the global Fintech-as-a-service provider, makes a bold move by acquiring PayU GPO for an impressive USD $610 million, reinforcing its position as a dominant force in the industry and catalyzing its ambitious global expansion plans, particularly in burgeoning markets within Latin America.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Ripple’s recent report sends shockwaves through the financial industry, revealing that an overwhelming 97% of bankers believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will play a pivotal and transformative role in facilitating faster payments within the next three years. Notably, the study also indicates regional variations in the adoption of cryptocurrencies as a payment medium, with only 17% of Latin American bankers expressing optimism about widespread acceptance, contrasting with a more favorable 58% sentiment in Europe.

In sustainability and technology, IBM takes center stage by launching its cutting-edge Cloud Carbon Calculator. This AI-powered dashboard empowers businesses to measure and manage their carbon footprints effectively. As corporate leaders worldwide prioritize environmental sustainability, IBM’s innovative solution comes when 42% of global CEOs identify sustainability as their foremost challenge for the next three years. Furthermore, IBM’s study also sheds light on the delicate balance that CEOs are navigating between adopting generative AI and effectively managing data to ensure the success of AI-driven initiatives.


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