“Delabs Games’ All-Access Adventure Pass Sees Huge Player Demand”


Development studio Delabs Games, a web3-focused arm of South Korean mobile-first giant 4:33 Creative Lab, today announces its Adventure Pass, a limited edition non-fungible token (NFT) collection offering holders benefits across all its titles, has been completely sold out.

Led by Joonmo Kwon (aka JMK), former CEO of gaming giant Nexon, Delabs is a new Web3 development studio from 4:33 Creative Lab — a gaming studio behind five of the top 10 games in Korea. 

“It’s truly humbling to see such a strong demand for Adventure Pass from our community,” said Joonmo Kwon, gaming veteran, Chairman of 4:33 Creative Lab and CEO of Delabs. “This is just the beginning. Following this debut mint, we will continue offering our players the best experience possible, including new immersive blockchain games, exciting digital assets, seamless Web3 onboarding, and more.”

Ahead of Delabs’ Adventure Pass minting that started on April 6, players were able to pre-register for a chance to get a spot on the allowlist, guaranteeing themselves a mint. In total, the Adventure Pass collection was limited to 3,433 NFTs. Among them, 3,000 were available for purchase via three stages — an allowlist sale, a reservelist sale, and a public sale— with another 433 collectibles remaining in Delabs’ reserve.

The first game to feature Adventure Pass benefits is Rumble Racing Star (RRS), Delabs’ debut arcade racing title with a Web3 layer hosted on the Polygon blockchain. 

Developed by the creators of megahit racing title KartRider and led by 20-year veteran game designer Beongryang Choi, RRS will allow players to truly own and heavily customize their karts, drivers, and profile pictures (PFPs). 

In turn, holders of Adventure Passes will get early access to RRS as well as exclusive in-game items and NFT airdrops, a one-season Battle Pass ticket, real-life event invitations, and access to Delabs merchandise. More benefits will be added to Adventure passes in the future, offering players a gateway to an enhanced experience across all future Delabs’ games, including the sci-fi survival game Space Frontier and post-apocalyptic action-RPG Meta Bolts.

RRS, in particular, offers players a plethora of options to customize their drivers, and profile pictures (PFPs) via NFTs, including assets from other Web3 projects like Goblintown, y00ts, a KID called BEAST, and others. This inherent interoperability allows RRS to bring numerous PFPs together on a single platform, diversifying players’ experience.

To collect and manage their in-game NFTs, RRS players can link their existing blockchain wallets, such as Metamask, or easily make a new one directly in the game. The developers are also looking into additional third-party wallets and social logins to provide easier access for all players, regardless of their familiarity with Web3.

About Delabs GamesDelabs Games is a game development and publishing company that focuses on delivering high-quality and engaging games in web3. Our aim is to offer exceptional graphics and immersive gameplay experiences to all players, regardless of their knowledge about NFTs, wallets, or cryptocurrencies. We provide a simple and seamless onboarding process, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our web3 games to the fullest.


At Delabs Games, we are currently developing three blockchain-native games, including a racing game and two roleplaying games. Our team consists of the best producers and artists in the industry who are dedicated to delivering the most exciting and innovative games in their respective genres.

We believe in making our games accessible to everyone, and we are committed to creating user-friendly games that are enjoyable for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the web3 space, we invite you to experience the thrill of Delabs Games.

For more information, please visit: http://delabs.gg


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