Yield Guild Games (YGG): Democratizing Access to GameFi



Did you know that some blockchain games have barriers to entry?

To begin playing Axie Infinity, a player must purchase at least three Axies (digital creatures used within the game). The cost for the cheapest set of Axies starts around $40 to $50. 

However, to actually be competitive and progress in the game, a set of Axies reaching into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars is required.

This model of high upfront investment is not unique to Axie Infinity. It is prevalent across many blockchain games, creating a significant barrier to entry for many interested players. 

This has led to the development of unique models, such as the one developed by Yield Guild Games (YGG), which aims to reduce barriers by lending players the initial assets required for entry.

What is Yield Guild Games?

At its core, Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It uses a decentralized governance model to decide which non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to invest in across various virtual worlds and blockchain games. 

The aim of Yield Guild Games is to leverage community-owned assets to generate real-world earnings for its members (known as ‘scholars’).

It achieves this by providing scholars with the necessary gaming assets (usually NFTs) to participate in play-to-earn blockchain games. 

This removes the high entry costs associated with many blockchain games and creates an environment where players from all over the world can earn through gaming​. 

Yield Guild Games also encourages active participation and governance from its members, ensuring that the guild remains in line with the needs of all members of its global community.

How Does Yield Guild Games Work?

The Scholarship Model

At the heart of Yield Guild Games’ innovative approach is its scholarship model. This system allows players, often in developing countries, to participate in play-to-earn games without needing to invest in expensive NFTs upfront. 

Yield Guild Games owns these NFTs — such as characters, tools, or land in various blockchain games — and lends them to players. In return, the players share a portion of their in-game earnings with Yield Guild Games. 

This model opens up economic opportunities for users and creates a passive income stream for the guild, which it reinvests into purchasing more assets​.

SubDAOs for Specialized Management

Yield Guild Games has also implemented SubDAOs for specialized management — subdivisions within the guild that focus on specific games or regions. 

These SubDAOs operate under the broader umbrella of Yield Guild Games but have the autonomy to tailor strategies and manage assets according to the specific needs of their focus area. 

This allows Yield Guild Games to scale its operations effectively while ensuring that local or game-specific qualities are managed properly. 

Each SubDAO is responsible for its profit and loss, which aligns the interests of local managers with those of the wider organization, creating an environment of accountability and targeted growth​.

Earning and Investment Opportunities

Players earn by achieving in-game objectives, which, depending on the game’s mechanics, can include winning battles, completing quests, or farming virtual resources. 

As players contribute to the game economy, they earn tokens or other in-game assets, part of which is shared with Yield Guild Games. 

Yield Guild Games offers several ways for investors and token holders to engage with its ecosystem. By purchasing YGG tokens, investors gain voting rights in the DAO’s governance, influence the guild’s decisions, and participate in the financial benefits of the guild’s activities. 

These tokens can also be staked in various DeFi platforms within the Yield Guild Games ecosystem, earning staking rewards and benefits like exclusive content access or entry into special events​.

How to Invest in Yield Guild Games 

You can invest in Yield Guild Games directly by swapping any cryptocurrency for YGG through the Bake app.

If you’re looking for more projects like Enjin, the Bake Game Changer Bundle allows you to invest in a share of YGG, ENJ, GALA, IMX, SUPER, as well as AVAX and MATIC/POL in just a couple of taps.

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