SocialFi Firm Metropolis Taps Unstoppable Domains for Web3 Identities


 ​[[{“value”:”Metropolis has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to launch the .metropolis Web3 domain, providing a significant enhancement in digital identity for users within the Metropolis ecosystem.
The .metropolis domains are designed to reduce transactional errors and simplify interactions within the Metropolis platform, improving the overall user experience in engaging with metaverse questing platforms, using 3D avatars, and participating in SocialFi activities.
This initiative allows users to create a cohesive digital identity under one domain, enhancing community connection and fostering brand loyalty within the Metropolis environment.

Metropolis, a SocialFi ecosystem known for integrating commerce, gaming, and cultural experiences, has announced its partnership with Unstoppable Domains, a leader in blockchain-based domain names. Together, they are launching the .metropolis top-level domain (TLD), aimed at enhancing the Metropolis community’s engagement in the virtual space.

The introduction of .metropolis domains marks a pivotal development for users within the Metropolis ecosystem, enabling them to adopt web3 identities that streamline interactions and transactions within this immersive platform. These user-owned, branded domains are designed to facilitate easier access to Metropolis’s offerings, which include metaverse questing platforms, 3D avatars, and a variety of SocialFi activities.

Metropolis, described as an aesthetic-forward and next-generation cultural destination, aims to create an interoperable and accessible experience across various virtual and physical realms. The initiative has attracted a broad spectrum of participants, from leading brands to top creators like Steve Aoki, Yung Gravy, and Elise Swopes, contributing to a vibrant and expanding community.

Sandy Carter, COO of Unstoppable Domains, highlighted the utility of the new TLD, stating, “The .metropolis Web3 domain is part of our ongoing effort to provide the Metropolis community with user-owned digital identities that foster a sense of community, increase brand loyalty, and smooth the user experience by simplifying transactions.”

The .metropolis domain not only aims to reduce transactional errors but also enhances the connectivity among users, allowing them to establish a cohesive Metropolis identity. This includes everything from digital properties to avatars and collectibles, consolidated under a single domain address.

Additionally, this partnership sets the stage for potentially integrating the .metropolis domain into the traditional Domain Name System (DNS) overseen by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A successful integration, expected to be reviewed in 2026, would position .metropolis alongside established domains like .com and .org, thereby bridging Web3 and Web2 identities.

Rania Ajami, Co-founder of Metropolis, commented on the venture, “This brings us into a future where your digital identity empowers users with new opportunities to game, shop, and socialize across all aspects of their digi-physical lives as human beings rather than faceless numbers.”

As digital landscapes continue to evolve, the collaboration between Metropolis and Unstoppable Domains is seen as a crucial step towards making digital ecosystems more accessible, secure, and user-centric. This initiative reflects their shared commitment to enhancing digital identities and the broader digital experience across the Internet.

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