Magic Eden Users Get Exclusive Access to the APhone DePIN-powered Virtual Mobile Phone App


 ​[[{“value”:”Magic Eden partners with APhone, granting 22 million users exclusive access to a virtual mobile phone app, powered by Aethir’s cutting-edge infrastructure.
Limited to 5,000 units, co-branded Access Passes offer holders a year of immersive APhone functionality, including rewards for NFT swaps, at just 0.2 SOL each.
APhone liberates game and app developers from the constraints of web2 app stores, fostering innovation and scalability in the Web3 ecosystem.
With seamless integration into the Solana ecosystem, APhone users gain access to over 500 Web3 apps and millions of users, propelling the mobile experience into a new era of accessibility and empowerment.

Magic Eden, the premier digital collectibles marketplace, has collaborated with APhone, the innovative virtual phone application transforming any smartphone into a powerful Web3 device.

The collaboration marks a significant stride towards inclusivity in the digital realm, granting over 22 million monthly Magic Eden users exclusive access to APhone’s revolutionary DePIN-powered virtual mobile phone app. Through leveraging Aethir’s distributed GPU Cloud Infrastructure, APhone liberates users from the shackles of hardware limitations and cumbersome app store regulations, thereby opening the floodgates to a plethora of demanding apps, DePIN projects, and graphically intensive games.

The crux of this partnership lies in the introduction of co-branded Access Passes, a limited-edition offering tailored to the discerning tastes of Web3 enthusiasts. Priced at 0.2 SOL (approximately $24) each and capped at 5,000 units, these passes serve as a gateway to a realm where technological barriers cease to exist. Moreover, holders of these coveted passes can seamlessly transition into the APhone ecosystem for a year, unlocking a treasure trove of functionalities and reaping the rewards of their digital endeavors through extra “10 key rewards” for each NFT swap.

Chris Akhavan, Chief Revenue Officer at Magic Eden, emphasized the transformative potential of APhone’s disruptive technology in the realm of web3 gaming and app development.

“APhone gives game and app developers freedom from the restrictions and control of web2 app stores,” remarked Akhavan, underscoring the pivotal role APhone’s DApp Store is poised to play in catalyzing the growth of web3 studios.

William Peckham, Chief Business Officer at APhone, echoed similar sentiments, hailing the partnership with Magic Eden as a testament to their shared commitment to democratizing access to Web3.

“In line with the core principles of decentralization, APhone passes allow any smartphone user to effortlessly enjoy all the benefits of Web3 regardless of their devices’ technical limitations, making it accessible for everyone,” stated Peckham.

Notably, APhone’s recent integration into the Solana ecosystem has further propelled its ascent, offering users seamless access to a vibrant array of Web3 applications, games, NFTs, and DeFi protocols. With over 500 Web3 apps and millions of users, Solana serves as an ideal launchpad for APhone’s mission to redefine the mobile experience in the digital age.

By embracing a decentralized architecture, APhone prioritizes user privacy and security, ensuring that data remains distributed across a global network, thereby mitigating single points of failure. Coupled with Aethir’s real-time services, APhone aims to revolutionize the landscape of mobile computing, heralding a new era of accessibility and empowerment in Web3 era.

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