Animoca-Backed Binary Holdings Partners with Web3 Lifestyle Brand Lost Club Toys to Redefine User Engagement


 ​[[{“value”:”The Binary Holdings partners with Lost Club Toys to redefine how companies engage with users in the Web3 space.
Through this collaboration, Lost Club Toys will gain access to The Binary Holdings’ extensive network of over 40 million users
The integration promises the launch of an array of innovative products aimed at enhancing user activation and engagement, including digital stickers, a Move2Earn platform, and a Pokémon Go styled AR game.

Animoca-backed The Binary Holdings has partnered with Lost Club Toys, an innovative Web3 Lifestyle Brand co-founded by Daniel Grove and Kosmo Kint, renowned figures in film and music. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way companies engage with users by tapping into the unique blend of entertainment and blockchain technology offered by Lost Club Toys.

With a user base exceeding 40 million, The Binary Holdings is a titan in the Web3 space, providing critical infrastructure support to a diverse range of sectors including Telecommunication, BFSI, Gaming, and eWallet services, predominantly in emerging markets. This partnership with Lost Club Toys promises to leverage the latter’s captivating ethos of joy through dance and music, infusing a fresh, dynamic approach to user activation and engagement.

Lost Club Toys, since its inception, has been at the forefront of blending music, culture, and blockchain technology to create meaningful connections between fans and the dance music ecosystem. The brand has gained international acclaim, not just for its vibrant, engaging mascots, the Toys, but also for its successful partnerships with leading names in the music industry and appearances at high-profile events worldwide.

Daniel Grove, CEO of Lost Club Toys, emphasized the potential to spread the brand’s message of joy and positivity to millions of new users.

The significance of this integration cannot be overstated. It represents not just an expansion for Lost Club Toys into The Binary Holdings’ extensive network, reaching up to 100 million users across emerging markets, but also a monumental step towards redefining user engagement through innovative Web3 solutions.

The collaboration aims to introduce a wide array of products, including digital stickers, a Move2Earn platform, merchandise, and even a Pokémon Go styled AR game, all designed to deepen user interaction and satisfaction.

Manit Parikh, CEO of The Binary Holdings, highlighted the alignment of Lost Club Toys’ cultural impact with their mission to enhance user engagement, signaling a future of immersive, resonant experiences for users worldwide.

The strategic importance of this partnership is further amplified by Lost Club Toys’ strong backing and advisory board. As a portfolio company of Animoca Brands, alongside advisors like Patrick Grove of Catcha Group and Marek Kotewicz, a key developer for Polkadot and Ethereum, Lost Club Toys is poised for sustained impact and innovation in the digital space.

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