WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Received Enormous $500,000 Donation From Bitcoin Whale



U.Today – WikiLeaks cofounder Julian Assange has received a massive donation from an anonymous Bitcoin whale, who sent eight Bitcoin, worth approximately $500,000, to the BTC address owned by Assange’s representatives.

During his most recent appearance in a Saipan court, Julian Assange reached a plea agreement that ended his 14-year legal battle. After being freed by a U.S. court under the terms of the plea agreement, Assange arrived in Australia. On Wednesday, just after the 52-year-old entered a guilty plea to an espionage charge in a Saipan court, his plane touched down in Canberra.

Because of the judge’s decision Assange was free to leave. Judge Manglona said It seems that he will be able to leave the court room a free man with this pronouncement.

Assange had taken a private plane from the U.K. to Saipan, which he was forced to pay for once the plea agreement was reached. Luckily he was able to receive over £300,000 in fiat donations and $500,000 in Bitcoin donations from an anonymous whale very quickly.

Speaking to the court, Assange stated that he thought his charges under the Espionage Act went against his First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution. He did admit,though, that it might be illegal to pressure sources to reveal classified material for publication. Assange must delete the material he gave to WikiLeaks in accordance with the terms of the plea deal.

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