Top financial guru says it’s a time to buy Bitcoin, not stocks or bonds 



Robert Kiyosaki shared his opinion on the current economic crisis in China and suggested buying Bitcoin (BTC) to handle the situation.

As we know, China’s current economic growth has been driven by investing in physical assets, particularly real estate, funded by an inefficient banking system. With high and increasing domestic debt, a struggling property market, and a declining workforce, some analysts believe China is facing a reckoning.

To fight against the real estate market crash, the majority of the Chinese people are in a rush to invest money in Gold, Silver, & stock assets. 

On 21 March 2024, By addressing China’s situation, the world-famous financial expert Robert Kiyosaki said that China is making the wrong decision to fight this situation.

Kiyosaki suggested that China buy real Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin as much as they can. 

Kiyosaki always remains ready to fight against the bad economic policies of the US Federal Reserve. Kiyosaki holds 66 BTC & he purchased this amount of Bitcoin a long time ago at a very low trade price. 

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Earlier this week, Kiyosaki shared his opinion on the surging trade price of Bitcoin. He said that buying Bitcoin at any high price will remain always beneficial because Bitcoin is totally different from other assets e.g. Gold, silver, and Oil. 

Kiyosaki explained that the trade price of traditionally best assets Gold & oil will keep increasing but at the same time, mining will also increase. 

Furthermore, he said that mining of Bitcoin is limited to 21 million and after completion of 21 million Bitcoin mining, only the trade price will increase, not the supply of Bitcoin.

The current trade price of Bitcoin is $67.5k and the current trade price of Bitcoin is 7% down over the last 7 days. Today, the trade price of Bitcoin surged 7% following the meeting outcomes of the US Federal Reserve on economic policy in which they decided not to change the current interest rate.

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