Introducing BONKbot: Your Guide to Sniping Meme Coins on Solana



Hey there, meme coin hunter. Are you constantly late on buying the latest meme coin trends? Well, enter BONKbot, your friendly trading bot right on Telegram, specifically tailored for Solana. It’s like having your own personal trader buddy in your pocket!

So, what’s the fuss about BONKbot? Well, it’s all about simplicity and speed. No more fussing over complicated interfaces or waiting for transactions to be confirmed. With BONKbot, you can just paste your token contract address into Telegram and voila! Your purchase transaction is on its merry way. No wallet connections, no slippage adjustments—just pure, hassle-free trading.

The folks behind BONKbot understand the importance of keeping things easy-peasy. “BONKbot lets you trade in the simplest and fastest way possible, while on the move. We are the only official partner of the $BONK community,” says the Bonkbot Team.

Getting started with BONKbot is a breeze. Simply search for ‘Bonkbot_bot’ on Telegram or add it through this link. Once you’re in, follow the prompts to create your wallet or import an existing one. Remember, though, keep your private key private!

But before you dive headfirst into trading, let’s optimize those settings for maximum efficiency.

Here’s a quick rundown:

Minimum Position Value (POS Value): Set the minimum position value to show in your portfolio.
Auto Buy: Toggle this off if you prefer not to buy immediately when pasting a token address.
Button Config: Customize your buy and sell buttons according to your preference.
Slippage Config: Adjust your slippage settings for buys and sells
Max Price Impact: Determine how much your buy/sell order will change the market price.
Transaction Priority: Increase your transaction priority to improve speed.
MEV PROTECT: Choose between Turbo for speed or Secure for extra security against frontruns.

Now, onto the fun part—trading!

Start by using platforms like or to find the tokens you’re interested in. In this guide, we’ll use birdeye. so to buy some $SHROOM.

Once you’ve found your token, copy its address (located on the left side as shown in the image above) and paste it into BONKbot. Then, click ‘Buy X SOL’ and wait for that sweet transaction success message.

And there you have it—our very own stash of $SHROOM, all thanks to BONKbot! But hey, that’s just scratching the surface. Since we sniped this token right on launch, the BONKbot didn’t display the name yet. In the screenshot above the token name is “null”. However, since we know the contract address was right, we were never worried.

Just seconds after our buy, we were 46% in profit. A few minutes later even over 100%.

unfortunately, we roundtripped the profits and ended up in a loss. That’s the story with meme coins. If you don’t take profits, well, you might lose it all.

If you choose to be smarter than us. You would sell your meme coin when you are in good profits. This is also easily manageable through BONKbot. With a simple click, you can sell 25 or 100%. If you use “sell X” you determine whatever percentage you want to sell off.

Easy peasy, right?

Set up your BONKbot in a matter of minutes, and happy sniping.

Just a general warning, make sure to only use some degen money with a bot. Once you take profits, move them to a secure wallet. Using this bot you are trusting both the BONKbot and Telegram to not get exploited.

So, whether you’re a seasoned trader or just dipping your toes into the Solana meme coin world, BONKbot is here to make your trading journey smoother than ever. Happy trading, folks!

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