Bob Lee, a Cryptocurrency Trailblazer, Passes Away



We just learned that Bob Lee, chief product officer of cryptocurrency company MobileCoin Inc. has died at the age of 43. Too young to die, and especially that way.

Bob Lee was fatally stabbed in San Francisco early Tuesday morning, U.S. media say. The San Francisco Police Department said officers found a 43-year-old man with stab wounds after responding to a call at 2:35 a.m., and the person later died in the hospital.

A Lee, a veteran Silicon Valley executive, is responsible for many changes and projects within the technology industry and the crypto sector. In his later years he was mainly focused on cryptocurrencies.

“Bob was made for the new world; he was the quintessential creator, leader and consummate hacker,” said CEO Joshua Goldbard. “Bob had an impact that will last far beyond his short time on earth.”

Bob Lee was the first chief technology officer of Square, the financial technology startup co-founded by Jack Dorsey (the founder of Twitter), and now called Block Inc.

During his tenure at the company, he created CashApp, a money transfer app that also allows users to buy stocks and Bitcoin. Previously, he helped develop Android as a software engineer at Google.

In Spain, Bob Lee’s name is not very relevant, but in Silicon Valley they mourn the premature death of one of those geniuses who innovate and bet on new projects. Technology needs people like Bob.

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