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RLTY x Sotheby’s Partner for First NFT Auction in Metaverse



Metaverse platform RLTY is teaming up with Sotheby’s for the inaugural NFT auction within the metaverse during the upcoming Paris Blockchain Week. This immersive event will witness the leading auction house, Sotheby’s, conducting a live NFT auction in the RLTY World metaverse, showcasing works from esteemed digital artists such as Beeple, Julien Rivoire, and Brinkman.

RLTY x Sotheby’s Partner for First NFT Auction in Metaverse. Source: RLTY

RLTY Brings NFT Auction to the Metaverse During Paris Blockchain Week

One of Europe’s most prominent blockchain conferences, Paris Blockchain Week, is collaborating with RLTY. Together, they will host its inaugural NFT Auction in the metaverse. The virtual event will take place in the adaptable metaverse environment, RLTY World.

NFT Auction Coming to the RLTY Metaverse

RLTY will amplify the virtual experience by conducting a live NFT auction within the RLTY World metaverse. Termed ‘Oddly Satisfying Sale,’ this auction will display 66 NFT artworks. The pieces are authored by both renowned and rising digital artists, with live streaming at Sotheby’s auction house in Paris.

Since its establishment in 1744, Sotheby’s has become a vibrant marketplace for art and luxury items. Its reputation is supported by a global network of specialists across 40 countries and 44 departments. It encompasses Contemporary Art, Modern and Impressionist Art, Old Masters, Chinese Works of Art, jewelry, watches, wine and spirits, and interiors, among others.

Sotheby’s organizes over 600 auctions each year. It provides a diverse array of items for immediate purchase through digital and physical channels, as well as private sales. In recent times, Sotheby’s has adopted emerging technologies, including the burgeoning NFT market, to adapt and respond to the dynamic global art and luxury sectors.

RLTY Aims to Make Web3 Conferences Widely Accessible

Speaking about the virtual NFT auction, Raphael Assouline, RLTY’s co-founder, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Paris Blockchain Week. He stressed the significance of making web3 conferences globally accessible. This alliance will delve into the business potential of blockchain technology while uniting the Web3 community and hosting an important virtual NFT auction.

RLTY consists of early metaverse enthusiasts dedicated to fostering the metaverse ecosystem by developing user-friendly, code-free tools. It enables brands and events to establish virtual spaces on premier metaverse platforms. RLTY collaborates with event organizers in various sectors, including music, art, conferences, fashion, and business.

NFT Auction, Networking, and Talent in the Metaverse

During the conference, the NFT art pieces will be displayed and open for bidding on the metaverse, where users will be redirected to Sotheby’s website. They will be available on Sotheby’s website from March 17th to 24th, and within RLTY World from March 20th to 21st. Participants can access various features such as networking areas, private conference rooms, a web3 Talent Fair, and over 30 virtual sponsor booths. Additionally, recruiters, HR professionals, and job seekers can take advantage of 20 exclusive virtual rooms for interviews and meetings. These come complete with geospatial audio functionality, avatar monitoring, and an extensive suite of video and audio resources.

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