Xterio launches Overworld Arena mini-game with $100,000 prize pool



Xterio’s Overworld project has launched browser-based PVP wagering mini-game Overworld Arena. Free-to-play without requiring NFTs, users can get better characters if they own any of the game’s partner collections, which include the likes of BAYC, Azuki, DeGods, Doodles, Mocaverse, Pixelmon, Pudgy Penguins, Pirate Nation, Infinigod, and more. The best stats come from having one of Overworld’s Incarna PFPs however.

In terms of the meta, Overworld Arena allows you to create characters with three randomized stat levels – dexterity, strength and magic – which you can reroll if you bridge ETH to the Xterio Chain to buy the in-game Gem currency. This is also used for buying loot boxes and more energy.

Players then wager Arena Coins via a tiered price system in a simple rock-paper-scissors-style synchronous PVP mode in which winner-takes-all. If you run out of coins, you can buy loot boxes or wait for the daily refresh.

The game launches with a prize pool of $100,000, which will increase as players buy more gems. Other rewards include 1 million MNCT tokens, Xterio points and 50 whitelist places for Xterio’s next NFT mint, which is called Project Shadows.

The news comes at the back of Xterio announcing it’s levering BNB for its underlying L2 scaling infrastructure, with BNB also investing $15 million into Xterio’s gaming ecosystem.

Discover more about Overworld Arena here, and play the game here.


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