NIKPLACE (NIK) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange


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Road Town, British Virgin Islands–(Newsfile Corp. – April 9, 2023) – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed NIKPLACE (NIK) on April 7, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the NIK/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading.


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As an NFT art platform, NIKPLACE (NIK) wants to add better thinking to the old way so that people can have better, progressive and enjoyable experiences. Its native token NIK has been listed on LBank Exchange at 8:00 UTC on April 7, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision.

Introducing NIKPLACE

NIKPLACE, the artwork NFT art tech platform, seeks to create an ecosystem to provide a reliable and sustainable service environment for creators and collectors. Therefore, NIKPLACE has built its own Klaytn-based protocol called ‘NIK Protocol’ to provide a platform that revitalizes the art market and makes the arts enjoyable by using NFT token NIKX to transform various artworks to NFTs for transaction.

The NIKSPACE team stores artworks and their guarantees in NFTs that can operate on such a blockchain platform. Since a work is stored on the blockchain as an NFT, provenance of the work is created when it is traded, thereby securing the originality of the work and preventing the controversy over counterfeiting.

In addition, it is eco-friendly and permanent compared to paper guarantees, since there is no need to issue a work guarantee several times. Art works are stored as NFTs so that provenance is tracked and smart contracts can be applied, which guarantees the artist’s resale right. Royalties can also be distributed to collectors and galleries participating in the transaction, creating an ecosystem where everyone can grow together.

Galleries have an eye to see good artists and works, and apply this to the NIKPLACE ecosystem. A device that primarily select artists and works is put in place by actively including galleries as players in the ecosystem. This makes it possible to curate works and block the possibility of registration of forgery and imitation of works. The NIKSPACE team also has its own work curating team to curate and select good works for customers across the platform. Furthermore, it plans to introduce an original author verification system using AI inside the platform to encourage more active registration of works.

The NIKPLACE platform has various features, including NIKHOLDER, an e-wallet acquired by subscribing, which can store NIKPLACE TOKEN (NIK) and NFT (NIKX). The work can be minted on NIKPLACE with the accounts of gallery admin, artist admin, or NIKPLACE admin. When NFT works are first registered on the platform or released through Drops, NFT works can be acquired in the form of a purchase in the primary market. And the work can be purchased with real money including card payment.

NFT artworks purchased on the NIKPLACE platform can be resold on the platform. When a buyer resells the NFT, the profit from the resale amount minus the acquisition amount of the work are generated, just like in traditional real transactions. The profit generated are distributed as royalties on a differential basis to the latest painting owner, the original artist, gallery, and previous painting collectors in accordance with the distribution rule. This process is called the ‘Connecting Benefit’ on the NIKPLACE platform.

Furthermore, there’s also NFT Auction, a secondary market that is used to sell NFTs purchased in the primary market to other collectors, which consists of an auction system. NFT Auction uses NIK token for transaction stability, and connecting benefits are applied. In addition, with the function to transfer tokens such as NFT from wallet to wallet, users can send and receive NFT as a gift between NIKPLACE members. They can also transfer tokens to an external wallet.

As NIKSPACE’s first project, NIKPLACE is trying to challenge the problems and limitations of the field of art and content that makes humans more human, so that people can have better, progressive and enjoyable experiences.

About NIK Token

NIK is the native token of NIKPLACE platform. It can be used for payment, and provide rewards to users who conduct platform activities, marketing, and promotional activities that help activate the NIKPLACE services. There are various types of rewards, such as issuing NFTs, promoting social media, recommending friends, and purchasing NFTs. The amount of rewards varies depending on the difficulty, the value of NIK, and the market circulation of NIK, which will affect the total amount of NIK mining.

Based on Klaytn network, NIK has a total supply of 2.3 billion (i.e., 2,300,000,000) tokens, of which 10% is provided for private and public sale, 33% is reserved by the company, 3% will be used for project operation and development, 1% is provided for reward, 10% is allocated to business partners, 1% will be used for marketing, 2% is allocated to the team and advisors, and the remaining 40% is allocated for the ecosystem expansion.

NIK token has been listed on LBank Exchange at 8:00 UTC on April 7, 2023, investors who are interested in NIKPLACE can easily buy and sell it on LBank Exchange right now.

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