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NFT Evening Partners with BONK and Bandit Network to Enable Cross-Chain NFT Minting with $BONK Coin


NFT Evening, the leading source of NFT news and information, has announced a new partnership with BONK and Bandit Network to offer cross-chain NFT minting using the $BONK coin. Inspired by popular memes, this cryptocurrency has been skyrocketing in popularity via social media. From its collaboration with NFT Evening to the Mint Aggregation Protocol, here’s everything you should know about this new venture.

NFT Evening partnered with BONK, a Solana-based cryptocurrency that’s growing in popularity on social media.

What is BONK?

In essence, BONK is a viral meme-like cryptocurrency that increased in popularity on social media platforms. It is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project built on the Solana blockchain. Of course, its main focus is to create a fun and engaging community-driven platform that incentivizes its users with unique rewards and experiences.

Bandit Network is a web3 platform for aggregating NFT minting across different blockchains. Its NFT Mint Aggregation Protocol is integrated into BONK and NFT Evening. This system allows users to mint any NFT using $BONK coin and expanding their token’s utility, thereby providing users with more value.

Cross-chain NFT minting is a significant step toward unlocking the full potential of NFTs. Basically, allowing users to create and trade NFTs across multiple blockchains increases accessibility and liquidity. This makes it easier for creators and collectors to take part in the market. With this partnership, BONK is positioning itself at the forefront of this emerging trend and ensuring that its users have access to the most advanced NFT minting technology available.

BONK used the Web3 platform Bandit Network’s NFT Mint Aggregation protocol for their project.

Why Does NFT Evening Support $BONK Minting?

Now, NFT Evening proudly supports Mint using $BONK on their website, providing an easy way for users to mint their NFTs. Users can simply connect their wallet and select “Mint with $BONK” to mint an NFT using their $BONK tokens. What’s more, this feature is now available on NFT Evening and should be a significant benefit for creators and collectors alike.

In fact, Bandit Network’s platform is ideal for this task, streamlining NFT minting across various blockchains and empowering developers, brands, and blockchains to distribute NFTs to over 100,000+ users seamlessly. BONK, now part of Bandit Network Distribution, also benefits from this partnership. With access to over 300,000+ users, BONK aims to achieve greater success in the NFT space.

To learn more about Bandit Network and its NFT minting solutions, visit their official website. To check out BONK’s NFT offerings, visit the $BONK information page. For more information on NFT Evening‘s collaborationwith BONK and Bandit Network, you can visit their website.

Curious to know more about Bandit Network? Make sure to follow their latest releases via Twitter and join their Discord server!

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