Gucci x Yuga Labs’ NFT Pendant, Asprey x Bugatti’s Phygital Diamond Egg And More: Web3 Drops Of The Week


As the dust settles from the second iteration of Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week extravaganza, verdicts have rolled in from brands, media, and audiences alike. The stakes were high for this year’s event, and the organizers stepped up to the challenge by putting together an ambitious lineup.

But brands aren’t letting the widespread coverage of MVFW overshadow their own activations. Gmoney’s lifestyle platform 9dcc announced an upcoming treasure hunt brimming with rewards for participants, while Asprey and Bugatti unveiled a new Web3-focused collaboration following their partnership on a sculpture based on Bugatti’s La Voiture Noir model in 2022. 

Finally, the highly-anticipated Gucci x Yuga Labs collaboration was revealed following a wave of hype that took over socials last week when the duo teased the partnership. The joint project arrives in the form of a coveted silver “KodaPendant,” available physically and as an NFT. Enthusiasts scrambled to get their hands on one on Thursday evening, with demand rapidly outweighing supply. Read on to see Jing Meta’s full verdict on the drop. 

The phygital diamond egg marks the second instalment from Asprey and Bugatti’s partnership, which launched a successful sculpture and accompanying NFT drop last year. Photo: Asprey

Asprey x Bugatti’s Phygital Egg Bolsters Web3’s Luxury Offerings And Marks The Second Phase Of Long-Term Partnership 

What Happened: British luxury label Asprey has announced the second phase of its partnership with iconic automotive marque Bugatti. The latest collaborative endeavor arrives in the form of a jeweled egg, crafted from 1,500 pavé diamonds, sterling silver and carbon fiber. Each limited-edition Objet Egg will be produced as both a physical piece and as an NFT generative artwork. It will be the first collection by two luxury brands to use a state-of-the-art technique to inscribe digital content on the Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring the artwork will last indefinitely. The mint will take place on May 4, when invited members can purchase their exclusive Asprey Bugatti egg.The Verdict: The project succeeds Asprey x Bugatti’s first release last year, which featured handcrafted sterling silver collectible sculptures, NFTs of Bugatti’s storied La Voiture Noire, and a one-of-one 24k rose gold sculpture that generated $460,000 at auction in London.

The partnership between the two luxury labels is making a case for just how far brands can go with their offerings in the metaverse. Asprey and Bugatti are both focusing on creating collectible spectacles that embody luxury, while also helping to onboard affluent consumers to Web3 in a way that’s more aligned with their interests.

Although the sale of the Objet Eggs is yet to go live, if the duo’s previous drop is anything to go off, this latest project will likely be a hit among jewels and automobile enthusiasts.

Only available to current holders of Koda or Vessel NFTs, the drop was positioned more towards Yuga Labs’ audience than Gucci’s consumer base. Photo: Yuga Labs

Gucci’s Collaboration With Yuga Labs May Have Been Met With Mixed Responses, But Appetite For The Drop Outweighed Concerns 

What Happened: After teasing the collaboration on Twitter last month, Gucci and Yuga Labs (the $4 billion company behind NFT collective Bored Ape Yacht Club) unveiled their “Otherside: Relics by Gucci” project this week — a limited-edition series of physical Gucci products and NFTs inspired by Yuga’s ape-themed metaverse game. The first “relic” released was 3,333 KodaPendants, which were available for 24 hours on April 6. Each KodaPendant could only be bought with Apecoin, Yuga’s native cryptocurrency, and each cost 450 APE (around $1,917).

The Verdict: The collaboration hasn’t been short of media attention and social buzz, but not every conversation around the drop has been positive. Following the official launch, Web3 natives and Yuga Labs’ fanbase took to Twitter (where Yuga Labs was providing live updates on the drop) to express their disappointment. A number of users branded it as too expensive, while others complained that the website experience didn’t reflect the price that they had paid.

Despite several unsatisfactory responses, the drop sold over half of the pendants on offer only an hour into the 24 hours it was available, demonstrating that — even with evident pain points — the release wasn’t short of willing investors. 

The platform is bringing experience-led perks to its steadfast community for NFT.NYC. Photo: 9dcc

Gmoney’s 9dcc Brings Its Virtual Cohort Offline Through Gamified Treasure Hunt Across New York City

What Happened: Gmoney’s 9dcc luxury lifestyle platform will unveil a new treasure hunt concept at NFT.NYC this month. The hunt will kick off on April 12 at an undisclosed bodega, where participants can secure an “Iteration-03 Baseball Cap,” and will continue at various locations across New York City. Each stop will require participants to check-in at the location and receive a commemorative Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) and pin designed by multidisciplinary artist Snuffy.

The Verdict: Both Gmoney and 9dcc have found success in the digital terrain. Now, they’re extending their status into the physical one too. Taking the experience offline is a smart move to bring the community together IRL and deepen audience connections.

It’s also a savvy way of sparking curiosity among non-Web3 natives in the real world. Though they might not be familiar with 9dcc, seeing the brand’s cohort trek around New York City is bound to get people talking, ultimately leading to an uptick in interest in the label and its marketing efforts.  


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