Bitfinex Exchange Lists PRMX Prema Token


By Adedapo Adesanya

Leading crypto exchange, Bitfinex, has announced the listing of the Prema token or PRMX as it is known by its ticker, a utility token that acts as the native token within the Prema platform.

The listing will help drive Prema’s strategy to build out its tech around the ability to link blockchain-based Web3 digital collectibles in the form of NFTs to tangible items in the real world.

It has a limited supply of 100 Billion PRMX tokens, which are the primary utility token for minting NFTs, creating marketplaces, interacting across chains, on-chain governance, fees, and payments within the ecosystem and its Decentralised Applications (DApps).

The Prema platform consists of the Prema X NFT marketplace, Prema’s wallet, and the NFT traceability system. This is a unique system of IRL (In Real Life) and URL (UnReal Life) categorisation, which allows NFTs in the virtual world to be tied to events and physical items in the actual world through the innovative use of NFC and AQR technologies.

According to a blog post from Bitfinex, these collectibles would be both usable in the physical world while also being fully integrated into the Web3 Metaverse of decentralised NFT marketplaces, blockchain-based play-to-earn games, virtual worlds, and decentralised social media.

Prema is currently in an early stage of development, with tokens existing as an ERC-20 token in an Ethereum smart contract, but plans are underway to launch the Prema blockchain and platform later in the third quarter of the year (Q3 2023).

Currently, the Prema team is working on the development of core technologies within the Prema wallet, namely implementing the NFC and AQR technologies for the traceability system, which will be employed to track digital content and collectibles linked with tangible objects.

Prema is still an ERC-20 token in an Ethereum smart contract, pending the time that the Prema platform launches and deploys the Prema blockchain.

After this, users can expect the Prema token to either be an ERC-20 token on their native chain if it employs an EVM-based tokenisation scheme or another type of token standard based on the team’s technical decisions for launching Prema’s blockchain.

Prema claims it is unique because it is one of the first projects which actually has a feasible idea for linking digital collectibles to the physical world by using NFC and AQR technologies.

Based in Singapore, Prema is catering to regional markets, with its most notable NFT collections being projects like “Japanese comedians collectible cards” and its “Judo Colleca” and “K-Pop” series of NFTs, which cater to Asian audiences.

Prema’s goal is to interconnect the various existing technologies already present within Web3 into one convenient platform while also bridging the gap between the digital collectibles and physical collectibles worlds.

Prema’s upcoming blockchain will be Proof of Stake (PoS) based, and users of the platform will be incentivised to lock tokens up via staking through an array of benefits, including priority guidance for Free Mint and White List of NFTs, priority guidance for use in NFT’s URL and IRL, discounts on trading commissions, and access to platform extensions.

With such benefits, creators and content producers can realise actual benefits for staking, especially if they’re active users of the platform and are actively producing and selling content or merchandise and taking advantage of Prema’s URL/IRL technology to offer next-generation content and collectibles which cross over from the virtual world to the physical.


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