Wildcard’s Genesis WildPass Will Mint Exclusively on Magic Eden’s Launchpad on 4/20


Epic Web3 battle game, Wildcard, has announced the release of its first asset, the WildPass, available to mint on April 20, 2023 exclusively on Magic Eden’s Launchpad platform. The WildPass will unlock the door to the Wildcard Universe, providing access to exclusive opportunities including lifetime allowlist eligibility and more great utilities.

Wildcard’s Genesis Mint is made possible through an exclusive new partnership with Magic Eden and the Polygon blockchain. Fans of the game will get their chance to acquire one of 4444 pieces of Wildcard history on April 20, 2023, each minted on the Polygon network.

WildPass Utilities will include:

Holder-only airdrops.
Exclusive private developer access, such as holder-only roundtable discussions, roadmap sneak peeks, etc.
Priority access to playtesting, content creator, collab, and partnership programs.
Early access to ownership opportunities within the Wildcard Leagues Ecosystem.

About the WildPass Mint

Wildcard’s Genesis mint will occur in three parts, starting with Phase 1, Jot’s List. Jot’s List members will receive a guaranteed opportunity to mint at least one Genesis WildPass. Phase 2, the Collabs/Collectors List, will get a chance to mint their WildPass on a first come first served basis. Finally, Wildcard will offer any remaining Genesis WildPasses available during Phase 3, the public mint.

To learn more about Wildcard’s Genesis WildPass Mint, click >> Here

What’s Wildcard?

Wildcard is a one-of-a-kind game that combines elements of a collectible card game with the strategy of a multiplayer online battle arena played in real time. Led by visionary co-founders, CEOs, and partners Paul Bettner and Katy Drake Bettner, the goal was to create a new kind of spectator game where competitors on the field can share the excitement and glory with fans who are rooting from the stands. Web3 infrastructure makes it possible for everyone to participate in the experience, from players fighting in the arena to the community tuning in to the streaming platform.

Wildcard promises to deliver a fun, unique, and exciting gaming experience to players. The game’s combination of collectible card game elements and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) features will keep players engaged and entertained for hours. To win in Wildcard, players must strategically collect summon cards that boast unique abilities capable of changing the outcome of a match.

The Wildcard community has been steadily growing since they officially announced the game last summer. In response to their nearly 62K (and growing) online community, Wildcard’s game developers held the first public exhibition match,  “Melee on the Meteor,” in February. The exhibition introduced two powerful champions, Bolgar and Locke, as they faced off in Frostburn Arena for a long-awaited grudge match. Spectators who tuned in to watch the exhibition match live were treated to a thrilling gameplay display as both players battled it out to emerge victorious.

The Wildcard Genesis WildPass Mint is the first chance to participate in the Wildcard ecosystem. This is just the first of many mints to come! But don’t forget, WildPass holders will receive exclusive perks as holders of the first digital asset to be used in the Wildcard Universe.

Find out more about Wildcard >> Here

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