Web3 has a Viking-Crypto raid with a unique gamified NFT minting experience


Gaming is presently one of the industries most affected by blockchain technology. The gaming industry has made extensive use of blockchain technology, with in-game purchases and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) serving as two examples. Blockchain gaming is the most popular Web3 transformation on the market. By the beginning of 2023, blockchain gaming will account for nearly half of all blockchain activity.

According to industry research conducted by DappRadar, over 1.15 million buyers utilize their wallets for blockchain-based gaming. As a consequence, there have been 7,4 billion Web3 gaming-related transactions, a staggering number. As the prevalence of Web3 games grows, investors are following user interest and investing in the blockchain industry. In 2022, Web3 gaming and metaverse initiatives generated more than $7.6 billion in revenue, according to a separate report.

Web3 gaming is expanding so rapidly that projects can incorporate various forms of entertainment and technology to produce original content. As NFTs become a significant component of the Web3 space, blockchain games are investigating new ways to employ them in order to make games more engaging. Maxelium Games is a Norwegian video game development company. It seeks to serve as a bridge between Web3’s innovative concepts and AAA games of the highest quality.

Vikings and Cryptoviruses strike Web3

The team, headquartered in Oslo, consists of 70 employees from ten different countries who are working together to produce a “gamified NFT-minting experience” for users. Viking Crypto Punks, a game involving the creation of NFTs with a Viking theme, took Maxelium Games years to complete. In the second half of 2023, players will be able to customize their characters’ appearance and conduct as they progress through the Midgard storyline.

Alongside the game, Maxelium is publishing its first NFT collection, The Pioneers. This compilation serves primarily as an introduction to the Viking Crypto Punk community. In Viking Crypto Punks, Web3 users can participate in a “gamified NFT minting experience” and generate over 60 million NFTs during a seven-hour “mining adventure.”

The Pioneers NFT souvenir bearers will receive a free copy of the game, which will be limited to two million copies in total. In addition to the core gaming experience, each license now also includes a DAO token for the Quantelica community.

A brand new ecosystem for blockchain users

To accomplish the goals of Web3 gaming, Maxelium Games developed the Quantelica collection of technologies. When it debuts, it will have a store, a community, special NFT collections, play-to-earn games, and rewarding prizes for gamers. According to Elijah Elystrand, CEO of Maxelium Games, the platform is brand-new and resembles a Web3 gaming ecosystem.

Quantelica’s platform will be able to integrate third-party games, provide cutting-edge SDKs, and offer unique NFT capabilities. It will develop into a significant supplier for the Web3 gaming industry.

Elystrand noted that Sergey Golubkin, a game developer with extensive experience producing AAA games, had joined the company as COO. Golubkin’s reputation in the video game industry is impeccable. Among others, he has worked as a producer on high-end games such as Steep, Just Dance, and Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Maxelium Games’ co-founder and chief community officer, Konstantin Mortensen, commented on the progress made with the Quantelica platform:

“The Quantelica platform will be able to offer integration of third-party games, innovative software development kits, unique NFT functionalities and will become an important supplier to the modern Web3 gaming industry.”

After three successful funding rounds, the Web3 gaming company announced an agreement with Morten Klein, CEO of the Norwegian digital and e-commerce investor Klein Group. Klein said, “We expect to engage with a great number of gamers and have already started building a community with like-minded people. In a short period of time, we will kickstart the Quantelica ecosystem with the Pioneers — our first NFT Collection.”

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