Tokeny and CoFund tokenize $10M Bali hotel


$1,000 is the minimum purchase quantity for tokenized hotel ownership.

CoFund will be able to issue regulatory-compliant ERC-3643 security tokens on the Polygon network to tokenize a $10 million hotel on the Indonesian island resort of Bali, according to an April 11 announcement by tokenization infrastructure provider Tokeny.

According to Tokeny, investors can purchase a portion of the hotel for a minimum of $1,000.

Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny, commented:

“Simple ERC-20 tokens and NFTs don’t meet compliance needs. Our technology platform leverages the ERC-3643 token standard to ensure our partners can enforce compliance, even on a permissionless blockchain.”

Giri Kayogiswara, CEO of CoFund, added: “With Tokeny’s proven platform, we can create a secure and accessible real estate investment market that meets the needs of all types of investors while ensuring compliance. This collaboration takes us one step closer to realizing our vision of a global real estate investment market.”

Tokeny’s infrastructure permits issuers direct blockchain access to auditable and immutable capitalization tables of securitized tokens. It also facilitates the distribution and transmission of tokens to investors in real time.

Emprendeduros, a Spanish business program, launched a tokenized venture capital fund on February 22 with the assistance of Tokeny.

The minimum investment required to participate in the private equity placements was 500 euros ($545). Then, digital fund shares will be deposited into the digital wallets of investors; the entire process will be digital.

Inveniam, Apex, and K20 Fund led a group of investors who put $5.45 million into Tokeny in January. The main office of the company is currently in Luxembourg.

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