Shiba Inu’s metaverse aims to open by end of 2023, developers Say


When it is finally deployed, the metaverse will be a “ongoing project,” the creators said.

The Metaverse, a project that expands the value of the Shiba Inu environment, will launch in December, its creators said in a Monday update.
Developers said on Monday that while “all development takes time,” they are “confident” that users will be able to explore some of the locations in this “fantastic world,” as well as construct, design, play, and develop inside it, by the end of 2023.

However, “because it is an ongoing project, not all areas of the metaverse will be fully complete,” the creators noted.

SHIB: There will be a total of 100,595 buildable pieces of land in the Metaverse. Players who own land can collect in-game materials, receive rewards, and make passive income. The developers also plan to implement a means of monetization and give users dedicated workspaces in which to create and oversee their own endeavors.

Users in the metaverse can create their own avatars, which take the form of humanoid dogs, to travel to different locations, communicate with NPCs, and take part in the game’s economy.

Shibarium, a soon-to-be-launched layer 2 network, will be used to construct the metaverse. Shibarium’s testnet is already up and running, and it will make use of tokens from the Shiba ecosystem, such as bone (BONE) and leash (LEASH).

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