Proof unveils Moonbirds collection featuring Beeple and other artists


The exclusive “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” collection is only accessible to those who have achieved the coveted “Diamond Nest” status by staking their NFTs.

Proof, a non-fungible token (NFT) collective, is launching a new collection of 10,000 pieces of digital art by 22 artists, including Beeple, Summer Wagner, and Terrell Jones.

The collection, titled “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition,” is exclusive to Moonbirds holders who have reached “Diamond Nest” status by staking their NFTs. The release will coincide with two live events, including Beeple’s LIVE Everyday celebration at NFT NYC this week and a physical gallery exhibition of the collection’s artwork later this month.

Our very own @JustinMezzell is PROOF’s co-founder, chief product officer, & the artist behind @moonbirds.

He is deeply passionate about storytelling & excited about how Web3 offers all artists a chance to create without relying on traditional institutions of commercialization.

— Moonbirds (, ) (@moonbirds) April 7, 2023

Proof has recently signed a deal with United Talent Agency in January, with the aim of expanding its brand beyond its Web3-native community. In a recent release, the brand unveiled its Grails III collection, which showcases the works of prominent digital creators such as Matt Kane, All Seeing Seneca, and Josie Bellini. These artists have made a name for themselves in the world of NFTs, with Seneca having contributed to the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection and Bellini being the founder of the Cyber Brokers NFT collection.

Proof, like many other cryptocurrency companies, has been impacted by the bear market in the industry. In February, the company made an announcement regarding the cancellation of its yearly Proof of Conference event. The reasons cited for this decision included concerns related to sales data, sponsors, and feedback from the community.

Last month, the company found itself involved in the downfall of Silicon Valley Bank, which was known for its support of cryptocurrency. The company disclosed that it had invested some of its funds in the bank, but reassured investors that it would remain stable both financially and operationally.

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