POGs Makes a Triumphant Return with NFT Inspired Web3 Game


Those who grew up in the 90s may remember the popular game of POGs, which featured physical milk caps and slammers. The game was simplistic yet exciting, with players competing to collect the most milk caps. While its popularity may have dwindled over the years, the POGs game has recently made a comeback thanks to NFT tech and the blockchain.

POGs made its Web3 debut some ten months ago on the Solana blockchain with a few digital collectibles. Now the game is going big time with a jump to Ethereum that will feature new NFT mints plus an online version of the classic game.

To make POGs Web3 endeavor a reality, POGs NFT, a subsidiary of The World POG Federation, has tapped on the Origin Protocol: Origin Story NFT Platform to create a custom marketplace for collectibles. The team will initially launch a series of 3,800 Ethereum NFTs that will be integral to a game that is scheduled to launch in the summer.

POGs NFTs Rekindle Nostalgic Memories

Since POGs announced it was moving to Ethereum, its trading volumes and liquidity have spiked. According to Kyler Frisbee, POGs NFT founder, this is quite exciting for the project. Speaking to the press, he notes, “Now that we’re going to Ethereum, it does feel like we’re kind of stepping up to the major leagues.”

That said, the NFTs will be crucial in participating in the online versions of POGs. The first of these play-to-earn games will be Stack and Slam, which is scheduled to launch on Solana in the coming days. According to Frisbee, the gameplay will resemble the classic gaming experience of using slammers to turn as many POGs as possible. The only difference is that it will take place virtually, and the POGs will have additional utility. All in all, players will have to rely on a combination of timing, skill, and luck for the best outcome.

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