Moonbirds Swoop in with Exceptional New Holder Rewards


Popular NFT outfit, the Proof Collective, has swooped in with new holder rewards for members of its infamous Moonbirds NFT collection. Starting on April 18, collectors will have a chance to claim an exceptional NFT artwork, with those holding the longest getting the first slice of the pie.

Dubbed “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition,” the new collection features 10,000 NFTs created by 22 of the best artists in the industry. These include fine talents such as, Beeple, Terrell Jones, Michael Sidofsky, Daniel Isles, and Summer Wagner.

We’re thrilled to announce that Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition drops on April 27! Keep reading for more info and to meet some of the artists.

Key dates
4/18 Day One Diamond Nest “Choice Pass” airdrop
4/24-4/27 Choice Pass preference selection
4/27 Choice Pass raffle + airdrop

— Moonbirds (, ) (@moonbirds) April 7, 2023

The new initiative will utilize Moonbirds unique nesting feature to determine eligibility for the drop. Essentially, this ‘nesting’ encourages holders to stake their NFTs instead of listing and selling them. Consequently, the longer a holder stakes the NFT, the more rewards they are eligible to receive. These come in the form of exclusive company events and free airdropped NFTs, as is the case with the Diamond Exhibition.

When will Proof Airdrop its NFTs?

The airdrop will kick off on April 18, when individuals who nested their Moonbirds NFTs on the first day the program will be rewarded. Dubbed Diamond Nesters, these holders will be the first to receive a “Choice Pass.”

The pass will be used to rank all 22 artists involved in the collection according to personal preference. The results will be analyzed and utilized to airdrop different art pieces to the Day 1 Diamond Nest Moonbirds holders.

Up next will be the turn of nesters who staked their NFTs within the first week of the program, with Moonbirds repeating the process until all 10,000 art pieces have been distributed.

In addition, the Proof Collective will also host a live event to commemorate the launch of the new collection. The event will take place on April 13 at NFT NYC and will be graced by a live art demonstration by NFT legend, Beeple.

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