Mint NFTs from TikTok Videos


Soon, NFTs will enable TikTok users to monetize their content.

Nfinity, a social media technology platform, has introduced a new feature known as “Collect” that enables creators to convert recordings into digital assets.

Nfinity’s Collect feature now allows TikTok creators to convert their viral videos to NFTs. After creating an account with Nfinity, TikTok users can quickly upload content to the platform.

The creator then selects the blockchain to employ. Currently, Nfinity is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, Flow, and Binance Smart Chain.

After deciding which blockchain to use, the TikTok creator can mint their collection directly through the Nfinity app.

In addition, the application permits creators to select collection quantities, plot out rarities, and create metadata for their NFTs. From there, Nfinity provides tools for promoting newly issued NFTs to its subscribers.

Moreover, the Nfinity app incorporates a range of analytical tools within its interface. These tools enable creators to track the performance of their NFTs. By utilizing real-world data, individuals can make more informed decisions regarding their approach to upcoming NFT releases.

Fans can then use the Nfinity app to buy NFTs from their favorite TikTok stars. Even better, collectors can see material from their influencers on other social media platforms as well.

As of today, YouTube and Twitter influencers’ video is also hosted on Nfinity. By using the app, collectors can see content from all of their favorite content creators in one place.

Liam Luan, the Nfinity CMO, states, “Our new ‘Collect’ feature is a game-changer for both creators and their fans. It empowers creators to monetize their content in a whole new way and gives fans a unique opportunity to own a piece of their favorite influencer’s work. We believe that this will usher in a new era of fan engagement and further fuel the growth of the creator economy.”

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