MetaMask creator ConsenSys launches new NFT to celebrate Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade


To celebrate the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, ConsenSys, the blockchain software company behind the popular MetaMask crypto wallet, has introduced a new non-fungible token collection. The long-awaited Ethereum Capella update went live  yesterday.

Explanation of the Ethereum Shanghai / Capella Upgrade

The Shanghai upgrade is a technological milestone in internet history, allowing users to remove Ethereum holdings. Activision will minimize the costs to entry for retail and institutional stakeholders, stimulate wider involvement, and support the Ethereum network’s decentralization and security.

ConsenSys has released a new NFT collection called “Ethereum, Evolved: Shanghai” in two volumes to celebrate this momentous milestone. The first anniversary version has an art NFT depicting liquidity and security themes.

Ethereum has now improved both its processing and consensus layers to allow staked ETH withdrawals.

The second open version is an NFT that represents the decentralization theme, which is a benefit of the Shanghai/Capella upgrade. ConsenSys will release special commemorative NFTs for Ethereum core developers on April 13th to honor all core developers and contributions.

ConsenSys Introduces Commemorative NFT

ConsenSys has revealed an airdrop of new NFTs to members of the Protocol Guild, which consists of 130 Ethereum core protocol developers, as part of the ceremony in appreciation of their years of decentralized collaboration and work to make the Shanghai/Capella upgrade a reality.

Ethereum, one of the world’s largest programmable blockchains, experienced another major “merge” last September, allowing it to transition to a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus method. Among other important effects, the improvement lowered the network’s energy consumption by 99.99%.

ConsenSys released a similar NFT collection, “Regenesis,” to celebrate the Ethereum merge update. The NFT Collection is made up of two special NFT sets. The first was shown to Ethereum Core coders (Core Dev), researchers, and client teams involved in the Ethereum update.

The second set of NFTs in the collection was an open version NFT from Regenesis that anybody with a Web3 wallet could mint. With 327,600 mined, the open version NFT remains one of the most widely spread NFT drops in Ethereum history.

Meanwhile, the NFT claim window is open and will stay accessible for the next 72 hours. To make free open-edition commemorative NFTs, ConsenSys asks nominated users to have a MetaMask wallet. However, MetaMask warns of possible scams throughout the holiday season.

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