Many decentralized social platforms are a ‘Good Thing’, according to Jack Dorsey


The co-founder of Twitter stated on Bluesky that multiple decentralized interpretations of Elon Musk’s bird app are acceptable.

Thursday, Jack Dorsey talked about the recent rise of Bluesky, a decentralized social media platform. He said that his own appearance isn’t that important, even though he was a big part of making the platform. In general, he wants to see a lot of these kinds of platforms pop up and do well.

Starting in 2019, the former CEO of Twitter helped Bluesky and its AT Protocol grow inside of the social media giant. The project later became its own company. When Bluesky became a public benefit LLC in 2021, Dorsey was on the board of directors.

Recently, Dorsey’s participation has been primarily divided between Bluesky and Nostr, two decentralized Twitter alternatives. Dorsey is a frequent user of Nostr and contributed 14 Bitcoin (approximately $245,000 at the time) to the open-source protocol’s development last year.

When a software developer had mixed feelings about Dorsey’s lack of presence on Bluesky and pointed out that he was a founder and board member, Dorsey said that his involvement is limited and that his presence on multiple decentralized social media platforms shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

“All I made happen was [to] get a team focused on the idea,” he wrote on Bluesky. “There will be many implementations of the same idea, and that’s a good thing.”

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