France’s metaverse consultation wants input on alternatives to tech ‘giants’


The government is requesting information regarding metaverse user experiences and concerns, as well as potential barriers local businesses may encounter when entering the virtual realm.

The French government wants to hear what people think about the metaverse, which it calls the “virtual immersive universe,” so it can come up with “a French strategy” for the growing industry and offer an alternative to the “international giants.”

On April 11, France’s Directorate General for Enterprise sent out a consultation asking companies, associations, people, and researchers to answer a set of questions about “virtual spaces.”

It said that the purpose of the consultation is to let the public say what they want from metaverse technology and to “offer an alternative to the virtual immersive universes currently offered by the international giants.”

It discussed about how quickly virtual and augmented reality technology is changing and how it has become a “essential part of the economic debate,” with many companies positioning themselves as either solution providers or users.

The survey doesn’t directly use the word “metaverse,” saying that it’s still “subject to discussion in the public debate,” and that the consultation provides an opportunity “to question its relevance.”

As part of a recent study, individuals are being interviewed about their familiarity with cutting-edge technologies like mixed reality, blockchain, and 3D creation software. Researchers are also inquiring about their primary concerns and willingness to participate in virtual immersive activities in the future.

French companies building metaverses are facing potential obstacles, according to inquiries made to businesses. These inquiries also sought to understand the demand for immersive worlds from both professionals and the general public, as well as the anticipated foundations of future immersive experiences.

Both businesses and researchers are questioned about funding priorities; however, in addition to multiple-choice questions, researchers are also asked to describe their vision of virtual immersive experiences.

This happened after a panel of industry experts met on March 22 at Paris Blockchain Week to talk about how lawmakers might understand what happens in the metaverse and how businesses can join it.

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