Cool Cats and Futureverse partner to revolutionize metaverse NFTs


In a groundbreaking collaboration, NersCool Cats and Futureverse have joined forces to develop a cutting-edge fusion within the metaverse.

Cool Cats, a brand dealing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is looking to enhance its digital footprint and broaden its storytelling endeavors. Additionally, the brand aims to enhance its customization features.

Cool Cats and Futureverse partner to promote NFT in metaverse

This partnership seeks to enhance the functionality and value of digital assets while promoting Web3’s expansion. Cool Cats and Futureverse will trade board seats and minority equity interests.

The collaboration aims to establish Cool Cats NFTs as a leading entertainment brand. The focus is on community-driven storytelling and innovation utilizing the metaverse’s cutting-edge technology.

The partnership between the two firms will offer a distinctive Web3 platform and marketplace for personalized digital assets, collaborative content creation aided by AI tools, a virtual metaverse for 3D Cool Cats, and additional functionalities.

Cool Cats and Futureverse will exchange minority equity interests to strengthen their partnership.

Cool Cats NFTs announced their partnership through a tweet on their official Twitter handle, creating a buzz among their followers.

We’re excited to partner with @futureverse to bring new products and experiences to our community. A custom marketplace, 3D explorations, asset personalization, AI tools, and more.

Learn more today at 4PM ET:

Here’s a peek at what the Future holds

— Cool Cats (@coolcats) April 11, 2023

This marks a noteworthy milestone in their journey towards establishing themselves as a top-tier entertainment entity.

The collaboration is set to bolster the digital assets’ functionalities, thereby increasing their worth for their proprietors. The upcoming event of a Twitter Spaces discussion will be hosted by the leaders of Cool Cats and Futureverse.

The goal is to furnish further details regarding this thrilling collaboration.

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