Amazon enters the contest for generative AI with a new cloud service


Amazon showed its hand in the ever-intensifying generative AI race by unveiling a new cloud-based service for developers to construct applications on systems developed by a number of startup partners and the company’s own language model.

AWS, the technology giant’s cloud unit, which alongside the new service also rolled out a generative AI whitepaper and a startup accelerator program, signaled a significant entry into the AI arms race that has been dominated in its early phases by ChatGPT-backer Microsoft and Google.

The most interesting thing that AWS did was introduce Bedrock, a generative AI platform that will let people use its Titan language system and other models from third-party startups like A121 Labs, Google-backed Anthropic, and Stability AI.

AWS explained Bedrock was made with customization in mind, with the ability to change the service based on what customers wanted. It was mostly made for people who wanted to make “enterprise-scale” AI apps.

Clients who employ the Titan model will be able to input their own data, but it will not be used to train the system.

AWS stated that Titan can generate text from blog posts, emails, and other documents, while the image-based option aids in search and personalization, similar to other recent AI-related announcements.

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