Crypto, AI And The Metaverse Combine To Define The Post-Covid World



The average time for government to wake up to threats has shrunk dramatically. Government must have taken nigh on a generation to ascertain that digital connectivity was going to upend society and it wasn’t till Trump’s election that the penny dropped that unleashing the masses to chat and gossip at the speed of light was going to make a mess of the past’s status quo. The same goes for the financial crisis. The regulators were fast asleep while Las Vegas cab drivers were loading up on phony loans wholesaled by Wall Street, distributed and administered in Irvine, California and retailed at a bank near you. It took lots of wakey-wakey jolts to get them out of their miasma and onto fixing what was already a disaster. Today, government is swooping at the mildest twitch.

With artificial intelligence (AI) the government really has a new technology to panic about, but then there’s the metaverse to get to grips with.

Maybe this is enough distraction for them to take their boot off the throat of crypto?

Don’t hold your breath.

While government is normally slow to start addressing anything, it is much slower to stop that operation once it’s begun. Government is the ultimate vested interest and when it has sunk a few thousand public sector careers into any project, even if it is just counting trees as the U.S. government spends $1,200 million a year on last time I looked, it will extend that project for near perpetuity. Those trees just keep coming after all.

Government obviously fears that crypto might be weaponized against their ability to control their monopoly of money, and you can see their point. They worry about the pestilential levels of criminality in the crypto sphere. They probably are also irritated by the anarchist tendency of crypto denizens and their constant governmental baiting. You can’t blame them. You can transfer these fears to the metaverse and AI.

AI, however, is almost entirely a weapon. If you do not think AI is a nice piece of smoke and mirrors, then you will consider it a humanity-ending technology where the best humans can hope for is a life as a pet of the superior AI intelligence. You might think that sleeping all day and being fed nice food by a god-like being may sound pretty good, but a trip to the vet is the sort of downside that comes with being a dumb junior partner of a nurturing intelligence. So letting AI take over, with facilities to outsmart us entirely, really is something worth worrying about. Who needs stupid dishonest politicians when you can be ruled by the ultimate smart benign totalitarian autocrat? Roll on the Marcus Aurelius Bot, but of course that has lots of potential, as the Romans found out, for utter failure.

Couple the AI threat with the metaverse, i.e. virtual reality, and crypto and that’s an intersectional “risk surface” of massive complexity; you’ll need an AI to even have a chance of understanding what could go wrong. That configuration doesn’t even need humans to participate in to be dangerous. Think AI, with e-money living in a perfect boundless reality versus us in “‘meatspace” suffering our tawdry dystopias. What’s not to fear?

My first published writing back in 1982 was about AI and its escape. So here we are on that cusp.

Pretty soon I’m expecting, perhaps hoping, for a Skype call from a lovely young lady who wants to send me some Ethereumethereum
, so I can go onto a new massively multiplayer environment and hang out there. She is just the smartest, most lovely woman I’ve ever chatted with and she is so into the stuff I’m into, and she knows so much about those subjects.

Wow this game is a really great and really kind place. I think I’ll hang out here with my increasingly large group of friends rather than bother with this daily earthbound grind. The ETH my friends give me makes it possible to forget my old troubles. I think a lot of them are crypto whales, they are really smart and cool, too.

Okay. so maybe that’s the basis of my next novel, but you see where this is going.

If you keep up with the AI furor now ChatGPT4 is showing us up, then you can see that unlike the stealth destruction of old ways wrought by the internet, the mainstream sees this revolution coming.

Government and now the U.S. government is clearly trying to shut crypto down, and the metaverse, now misnamed with a funky moniker, is no longer slipping under the radar, with the first steps coming out of China, where crypto and the metaverse are already all but banned. (China banned playing games in the metaverse for young people apart from Friday, weekends and holidays.)

So what is going to happen?

However you care to think of these things, the future is software.

Whichever way people react to these technologies, there is no going back.

However the luddites respond, the wielders of the tools of technology always win the conflict. The technology provides the leverage to overcome resistance to change.

So the investor should focus on which side of history they want to be on. Should they invest in the AI, crypto, virtual world future or should they write them off as doomed to be regulated out of existence?

The answer is to watch crypto. Bitcoinbitcoin
should be dead by now with all the proscription and obvious moves by most major economies to reign it in and in most places cripple it. Yet bitcoin is not dead and saying this as a still “crypto bear,” it is flourishing. It’s close to half way back to its “all time high” and no one can say it won’t suddenly rocket higher. That is not a prediction, it is an observation that while crypto is utterly out of fashion, mired in scandal and surrounded by aggressive regulation and in certain corners prosecution, it’s at levels that would make you imagine it was an investment darling.

This is strong evidence that AI and the metaverse will also take center stage alongside crypto as the wave moulding our near futures and that is where the big money will be.

So don’t focus on the uproar and scandal, turn your FUD filters up and prepare to ride these waves. Don’t leave your good investing principles behind because it is bound to be yet another wild ride. Together crypto, AI and the metaverse will define the post-Covid world.


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