March Records $2 Billion NFT Sales as Bitcoin, Ethereum, & Rise



Over the past two months, the world of cryptocurrency has surged massively.

According to data from DappRadar, the NFT market exploded in February, surpassing $2 billion in total trading volume—a 117% rise from the prior month. And the numbers only revealed a modest decline to under $2 billion in March, almost maintaining the momentum.

With almost $1.35 billion in Ethereum NFT trades, up marginally from roughly $1.32 billion in February, Blur once again accounted for the great majority of that trading activity. Although, in terms of the total number of unique wallets, OpenSea is still the top NFT exchange. The trading volume dropped to $424 million from $587 million in February.

On the other hand, the top 2 cryptocurrencies in the world, Bitcoin and Ethereum, seem to be on the rise, along with a DeFi-based company called hitting the roof with its unique email-based model with users needing only to sign up to be a part of the project.

Bitcoin Nears Breakout, Touches the $28,000 Mark

Following its surge amid the March banking crisis, Bitcoin is still consolidating around the $28,000 level. Since March 18, the price has been fluctuating between $26300 and $29300, and it is still in a precarious position with the prospect of a breakout in any direction.

According to Cointelegraph Pro, Bitcoin has increased from $16,521 to $28,060 in 2023, a gain of about 70%, as opposed to the S&P 500 index, which has increased by just over 7% over the same period.

For the next one to three years, Bitcoin will be an excellent long-term investment, and the market trends are generally favorable. In other words, anticipate a long-term price increase.

Ethereum To Roll Out the “Capella Upgrade”

As traders continue to factor in the Shanghai and Capella upgrades – allowing ETH stakers to start making the first withdrawals of their tokens – ETH has crossed the $1,900 price threshold for the first time in almost eight months.

The impending Capella upgrade can be another reason for supporting the cryptocurrency market. On April 12, 2023, Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market value, will roll out a big update known as the Capella update.

The current advance in Ethereum is anticipated to continue past the $1,900 mark and toward the $2,000 region. On the other hand, the previous time Ethereum experienced a significant upgrade, it was immediately followed by a market sell-off and a decrease in crucial support zones. – An Email You Won’t Forget

Forever challenging conventional stereotypes is part of the crypto and blockchain industries. Now, is rewriting the crypto investment arena. To be among the first to access the coin, users need only sign up using their email addresses and wait. Investments are safe and secure because the platform is unaffected by market volatility and economic conditions.

Before launching, plans to touch one million users; as of now, they have over 3,000. Users have a rare opportunity because the platform’s objective is to turn all of these subscribers into millionaires. The platform offers a fresh, ground-breaking method for investing in cryptocurrencies by deriving all of its power from the network and community it creates.

Record Highs in April?

Considering the risk of a US banking collapse, investors are keenly monitoring Bitcoin and Ethereum as safe-haven assets. Since the middle of March, Bitcoin has been unable to move over the $28,800 to $29,000 resistance level, but analysts think that recent macroeconomic data and gold’s performance may give it the push it needs.

Financial speculation will reveal that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have historically performed well in April. This may help investors maintain confidence in the cryptocurrency industry. Investors believe the Bitcoin market will experience fresh all-time highs in the upcoming weeks.

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