GK8 Enables Users to Tokenize Assets Within a Few Clicks



The significance of tokenization in the financial landscape cannot be overstated, with projections suggesting that the market value of tokenized assets could soar to $4 trillion by 2030. This rapid growth, however, is not without its challenges, as increased attention from cybercriminals poses substantial security risks to issuers.

Addressing these concerns, GK8, a subsidiary of Galaxy and a frontrunner in blockchain custody and monetization technologies, has unveiled its latest innovation: the Tokenization Wizard. It offers institutions a secure and seamless way to tokenize a wide array of assets, from real estate and fine art to intellectual property and beyond.

The Tokenization Wizard leverages GK8’s sophisticated multi-tier custody solution, including its Cold Vault technology—remarkably, the first of its kind capable of facilitating on-chain operations offline, effectively putting it beyond hackers’ reach.

Lior Lamesh, Co-Founder and CEO of GK8, emphasized the timely necessity of secure tokenization solutions, noting the burgeoning interest across various sectors, including government initiatives exploring stablecoins.

“Tokenizing real-world assets is becoming a tangible part of our daily lives, attracting unwanted attention from hackers. Our solution mitigates these security risks, offering an unparalleled blend of ease and protection,” Lamesh stated.

The Tokenization Wizard distinguishes itself with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the once-complex process of asset tokenization. By converting traditional assets into digital tokens, GK8 opens up new vistas for fractional ownership, trading, and management across various blockchains, heralding a new era of accessibility and efficiency in asset management.

The platform’s standout features extend beyond its cutting-edge security measures. It offers a holistic digital asset management experience, enabling the seamless issuance and management of tokens without necessitating prior coding knowledge.

Institutions can now engage in staking, access decentralized finance (DeFi) markets, and manage the lifecycle of their tokens through a singular, integrated platform. This includes everything from transferring ownership to tracking transactions and managing access lists.

Moreover, the Tokenization Wizard is engineered to support a vast spectrum of tokens and assets, compatible with thousands of layer-1 and layer-2 protocols, thereby democratizing access to tokenization technology.

In a testament to its utility and potential, the platform’s inaugural deployment will be through a strategic alliance between DWS, Flow Traders, and Galaxy to launch AllUnity. This initiative aims to issue a fully collateralized, euro-denominated stablecoin, setting the stage for a profound transformation in the on-chain economy.

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