Top Altcoins of March with Big Eyes Coin, Solana, and Litecoin



Guess what? The presale favourite altcoin, Big Eyes Coin (BIG), has dropped yet another offer on their token sale! In case you missed the introduction of their new loot boxes, BIG recently launched a virtual mystery box that could provide 10x returns for those who bought them. This news encouraged a whole new rally for BIG’s already accelerating community. However, even more recently the team decided to create a vault pin (819) that investors can use to receive a complimentary 5,000% ROI on their loot boxes! Crypto analysts already predict their loot boxes to generate immensely lucrative results, supporting BIG’s claims that 1 box could produce a 10,000% return!

BIG is becoming recognized for an endless list of reasons, one of them being the discounts and deals they’ve offered the kitty community even while their tokens are at their cheapest. That being said, BIG investors have already seen incredible returns over the last 12 stages of their presale, especially those who took advantage of their previous deals. The BIG team offered a launch code, giving a 200% discount on their already dirt-cheap tokens. The token’s original price has grown from $0.0001 to $0.00049 in only a matter of weeks! Investors who used the launch code have recently seen an ROI of 743%!

What’s New with Crypto’s 10th Most Popular Altcoin?

Solana (SOL) is another top altcoin that achieved its popularity and high ranking by running on a proof-of-history consensus mechanism with the underlying proof-of-stake on its blockchain. More simply put, this makes the Solana network faster, cheaper, and highly efficient, especially when compared to Bitcoin’s proof of work consensus.

Most recently, SOL has taken an unfortunate blow along with Bitcoin and many top altcoins in the market. This is an effect of Silvergate bank, the leading payment network provider for Bitcoin and most of the crypto’s top altcoins, experiencing a bank run following a delay in its financial report with The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). So far, Solana has seen a loss of 3.3%! The global market cap for crypto was trading lower around $1.02 trillion which fell 0.87% in the past two days!

How Will Litecoin’s Halving Affect the Coin’s Price?

A tweet posted a couple of days ago announced Litecoin’s (LTC) halving event, which is scheduled to take place in 150 days, landing on the 4th of August, 2023. Halving events are the process of burning or expelling exactly half of a cryptocurrency’s supply. This is meant to increase the coin’s scarcity, which will raise its demand and, therefore, value. LTC’s halving event takes place every four years. The coin launched in 2011, which means that two of these have taken place so far.

LTC and its investors have high hopes that the coin burning will encourage a bull run, especially in light of recent events. The top altcoin is also suffering in response to the bad news regarding Silvergate’s bank run. It’s currently trading at $87.99, down 7.70% down in the last week!

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