China’s Alipay Adds AI Baldness Detection Tool



Alipay, China’s largest payments application launched by Alibaba Group, has introduced a new feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect baldness as part of its “AI Medical Assistant” tool.

Known for connecting users’ bank accounts to simplify online and point-of-sale transactions, the app has ventured into an unusual area with this latest AI mini-app.

According to the South China Morning Post, the AI feature allows users to upload photos of their scalps, which are then analyzed by an image recognition system. This system is trained on an extensive database of medically relevant images to detect signs of hair loss and provide recommendations, including medical consultations if necessary.

Alipay is more than a payment platform; it’s regarded as a super-app. The app integrates various services that allow the user to get a taxi, buy a credit card, buy insurance products, pay property fees, and more.

The concept of a multifunctional super-app is gaining traction, particularly in Asia, but has yet to see similar success in Western markets. Elon Musk is among the advocates for this model, expressing interest in transforming X into an all-encompassing app similar to those in China.

Despite their convenience, such super-apps have sparked privacy concerns. Critics worry that consolidating vast amounts of user data within a single app can lead to privacy risks, such as government access and potential misuse, as seen with Alipay in China.

Nevertheless, integrating an AI baldness detection feature showcases super-apps’ diversity, blending various services into one platform.

In other news, the chief AI scientist at Meta has recently publicly criticized Elon Musk for spreading misinformation and mistreating scientists.

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