Santo Blockchain Labs Signs NFT Software Development Agreement for Fractalization of Land with Gold Mining Rights



AVENTURA, Fla. and MEDELLIN, Colombia, March 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Santo Mining Corp., d.b.a. Santo Blockchain Labs (OTC PINK:SANP) today announces it has entered into an NFT software development agreement with Vegachi Holdings SAS; this agreement is to develop a series of NFTs linked to the fractalization of land with gold mining rights.  Under this agreement Santo will receive 3% transaction fee for the sale of each NFT, including a 1.5% royalty fee for every future transaction of the minted NFTs.

Mr. Yglesias CEO of Santo stated: “This is a great opportunity to showcase our vast NFT development experience, be able to incorporate all the legal documentations and titles of the land inside an NFT that will constantly morph as the historical and future value of the land and dead holders change.  Additionally, the transaction fee structure will insure reoccurring revenue for the Company.”

Mr. Hassan Mustafa lead Attorney at Law at Mustafa & Associates and Legal Representative of Vegachi Holdings SAS in Medellin Colombia stated: “We are delighted to work in this project and be able to bridge LawTech & FinTech with digital assets, and ensure that the traditional legal world can be linked and embedded with the blockchain and digital asset technology.”

Vegachi Holdings SAS has 345.94 acres of land located in Vegachí, Antioquia Colombia, with gold mining rights issued by the Government of Antioquia.  The Company has done a lidar drone scan and a top soil geological test and has shown 18grams of gold per metric tonnes, according to the World Gold Council, Colombia produced 26.8 tonnes of gold in 2020.

The Company is a vertically integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency company that manages, operates, and develops end-to-end “BaaS” Blockchain-as-a-Service, similar to software-as-a-service, blockchain as a service lets businesses get applications up and running with minimal hassle.

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SOURCE Santo Mining Corporation aka: Santo Blockchain Labs



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