Shiba Inu Sees Promising Breakout Amidst Rising Investors Interest


Shiba Inu (SHIB) sees a potential breakout amid rising investor interest as technical indicators suggest bullish momentum.

Crypto analyst Davie Satoshie shared a market analysis of the Shiba Inu token (SHIB), which showed promising signs of a potential breakout.

Following a period of consolidation within a symmetrical triangle pattern, the price action has now broken out of its previous month-long trend, with the support line holding firm for an upward trajectory.

A significant upward movement could be imminent if the current momentum persists and the price breaches the upper trendline.

Rising Investor Interest Bolsters Bullish Scenario

Shibapendence, a SHIB enthusiast, emphasized their Japanese friend’s increased interest in SHIB, adding another dimension to the positive momentum.

The increased awareness around the token among cryptocurrency investors indicates a growing interest in its possibilities. This organic improvement in investor sentiment might help SHIB reach its predicted breakout.

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As reported by The Crypto Basic, Shiba Inu experienced a notable surge in big investor’s (Whales) interest, with transactions worth at least $100,000 doubling the yearly average, reaching a peak of 764 in a single day, the highest in over two months.

This increase in whale activity reflects a renewed interest in SHIB and suggests potential shifts in its market dynamics.

Bullish Momentum Indicates Potential Breakout

The technical analysis indicates a bullish sentiment as the price of SHIB hovers near the upper trendline of the symmetrical triangle pattern.

This breakout, coupled with strong volume spikes during significant price movements, suggests a continuation of the upward trend. As per the latest update, SHIB is trading at $0.00002558, showcasing a 2.13% plummet in the past 24 hours.

<span style=font weight 400>Shiba Inu Daily Chart<span>

A closer look at the market indicators reveals important insights into the current state of SHIB. Despite a recent downward trend, the Bollinger Bands suggest that the token is trading close to its average over the selected period, indicating relatively low volatility.

Additionally, the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator signals a weak bullish momentum, with the MACD line slightly above the signal line.


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