SHIB Army’s $0.01 Price Dream Fueled by Insider Tease As On-Chain Data Signals Rising Interest in Shiba Inu ⋆ ZyCrypto


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are no strangers to the buzz surrounding Shiba Inu (SHIB), a meme coin that has captured the attention of many in the digital asset space. Recently, Del Crxpto, a well-known figure in the crypto sector, hinted at having exclusive information about future developments related to SHIB. 

This revelation has ignited a new wave of excitement and speculation within the SHIB community, with many hoping for significant price movements. Amid this anticipation, the SHIB Army, as its supporters are known, is eyeing a long-awaited milestone: the coin’s value reaching $0.01.

Del Crxpto’s comments about possessing undisclosed information regarding SHIB’s future have stirred considerable excitement among the coin’s followers. As a vocal supporter of Shiba Inu, his statements carry weight within the community.

However, he has kept the specifics under wraps, citing the need to maintain his relationships within SHIB’s official team. This decision has fueled speculation and intensified the curiosity of SHIB holders, eager to see how this information will impact the coin’s trajectory.

Santiment, a blockchain analysis firm, has observed a notable uptick in the number of addresses holding between 10,000 and 10 million SHIB tokens since March. This increase indicates a growing interest and participation in the SHIB market, with many investors potentially banking on the coin’s future success.

The community’s aspiration for SHIB to reach $0.01 per token, often called the “one cent dream,” seems to be gaining momentum as more investors join the fray.

Despite the excitement surrounding potential developments, some members of the SHIB Army have expressed discontent with the silence of Shytoshi Kusama, the creator of Shiba Inu. Kusama’s absence from recent discussions has raised questions and led to frustration among supporters.

However, Del Crxpto has stepped in to uphold Kusama, highlighting his past track record of strategic project launches. According to Del Crxpto, Kusama’s silence may be part of a calculated approach to maximize the impact of future SHIB initiatives.

As the SHIB community eagerly awaits further updates and potential developments, the coin’s price remains a focal point.

According to Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, Shiba Inu remains focused on eventually removing three zeros from its value to reach $0.01.

In a post on X, where she discussed her involvement with the Shiba Inu ecosystem since early 2021, Lucie expressed her unwavering belief that SHIB could one day achieve this ambitious goal. However, she cautioned investors to adopt a long-term perspective, acknowledging that reaching $0.01 would not happen overnight.

With SHIB currently trading at approximately $0.00002363, realizing Lucie’s prediction would require a staggering increase of over 41,790.67%. Yet, considering SHIB’s history of rapid growth, such as its previous surge to all-time highs, the idea of reaching $0.01 may not be far-fetched.


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