Rollblock (RBLK), NEAR Protocol (NEAR), Stellar (XLM) and Optimism (OP)


NEAR Protocol (NEAR) usage has grown every year according to on-chart data posted in log scale by a major analyst. Moreover, Stellar (XLM)’ Indiathon hackathon was announced which can result in the expansion of the ecosystem. 

Alongside all of this, Optimism (OP) is also expanding its ecosystem and invited participants to join the Retro Funding 4 program. With that being said, Rollblock (RBLK) has been rapidly growing after stage one investors have seen a massive 40% ROI in just three weeks. With an already functional gaming platform, investors are expecting a 20x return once launched on a Tier 1 CEX! Today we will discuss the future of all these cryptocurrencies whilst determining which is the best crypto to invest in now.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is dominant on the charts, especially after its network saw a growth of 10x every year. The Co-Founder of the NEAR Protocol crypto with over 83,800 followers on X (Twitter) showcased log scale graphs, which showcased the major growth of the network. 

In addition to this, the NEAR Protocol price broke past $7.50, and could soon reach $8 which presents a major price barrier. According to the NEAR Protocol price prediction it can end 2024 at $11.22.

Stellar (XLM) is also making efforts towards expanding its ecosystem which can result in a price uptrend, as the Stellar Indiathon, a hackathon was announced. It will take place between June 14 and June 16, and could expand the use cases and utility of the Stellar crypto.

In addition, the Stellar price is up 17% in the past week, as it has risen to $0.108 at the high-end. According to the on-chart metrics, its future is bullish, as based on the Stellar price prediction it can end Q4 of 2024 at $0.1551, making it the best crypto to invest in now.

Optimism (OP) is dominant on the charts as its broken above the major $2.50 price barrier. There are now over 280 projects on the network, and the Optimism crypto team shared an announcement in which they invited developers to join the Retro Funding 4 round to get rewards. 

This could result in an even higher Optimism price uptrend, despite the 10% growth that occurred during the past week. As a result, sentiment in its future is positive, and according to the Optimism price prediction, it can end 2024 at $3.56, positioning it as the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Rollblock (RBLK) boasts a fully operational and licensed gaming platform, establishing a significant lead within the DeFi space. Being a part of a functional platform ready to capitalize on the booming GambleFi market, it provides traders with a massive opportunity. 

Moreover, Rollblock understands the importance of user privacy and by eliminating KYC checks, they cater to a valuable niche within DeFi and potentially attract a wider user base seeking more control over their data. Through using the blockchain’s immutable ledger, Rollblock guarantees verifiable and permanent transaction records. This eliminates the possibility of bet manipulation, fostering a level of fairness and transparency unmatched by traditional online gaming platforms. Cryptocurrency transactions also offer quick transactions with low fees, making it more cost-effective to utilize it, which can result in the most competitive pricing on the market for any casino. 

Moreover, Rollblock’s ingenious tokenomics model creates a symbiotic relationship between token holders and the platform. Up to 30% of weekly profits are strategically allocated to buying back RBLK tokens. With this, half of these get burned, which reduces the supply over time and fosters scarcity. As for the other half, they get distributed as staking rewards, incentivizing long-term commitment from holders who can benefit directly from the success of the casino. This sustainable economic model rewards loyalty and fuels token growth, positioning RBLK as a top contender in the DeFi space. 

As for the price, the presale has raised over $700,000 and has the potential of potentially reaching Stage 4 ahead of schedule, while the RBLK token has climbed 40% and trades at $0.014 with this rate of growth, analysts project a 100x increase at  launch. 

It’s clear that Stellar, Optimism and NEAR Protocol have all displayed bullish on-chart metrics which could enable them to move up the charts and provide significant ROI. However, the most growth was seen with Rollblock, and with it being a DeFi powerhouse in the GambleFi market, projected to reach a staggering $744 billion by 2028, it has massive potential for growth, making RBLK the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

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