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Chad Steingraber (@ChadSteingraber), a prominent figure in the crypto community, has caused a stir with his recent bullish predictions for major players in the cryptocurrency market, particularly regarding XRP.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant gains this year, XRP has lagged. However, Steingraber believes XRP is poised for a dramatic upswing as the market cycle progresses.

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Steingraber set targets for Bitcoin Ethereum and XRP at the bull cycle top in 2025. He believes Bitcoin can reach a peak of $250,000, Ethereum can climb to $25,000, and XRP can reach a staggering $250.

These projections align with the general sentiment of a maturing bull run, where established cryptocurrencies experience significant growth. The XRP prediction particularly has drawn the attention of the XRP community, with many excited for XRP’s prospects.

XRP’s historical performance is a key factor supporting Steingraber’s optimism. In 2017, XRP exhibited similar sluggishness before the bull run that year. During that period, while other cryptocurrencies surged, XRP remained subdued. However, when the market fully matured, XRP experienced a phenomenal surge of almost 50,000%.

Many analysts have pointed to the 2017 surge when predicting XRP’s trajectory for the current bull cycle. Although Steingraber does not explicitly mention the 2017 cycle, it shows XRP’s potential for massive growth and strengthens the bullish sentiment around the digital asset.

Bitcoin is trading at $69,452.26, up 0.59% in the past 24 hours. Reaching $250,000 requires a 259.9% increase for Bitcoin. Ethereum also requires a significant surge as the $25,000 target is 579.2% higher than Ethereum’s current price of $3,680.6.

However, these are paltry compared to XRP’s potential 50,558% surge to $250 from its current price of $0.4934. Many see a price surge like this as unlikely. However, XRP performed similarly in 2017 leading to its all-time high of $3.84 in January 2018. After years of consolidation, it could recreate this surge on its path to a new all-time high.

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Also, XRP outperformed Bitcoin and Ethereum in the 2017 bull cycle and could do the same in 2025. While Steingraber’s XRP prediction appears audacious, the cryptocurrency market is renowned for its massive surges. Predictions are going as high as $1,000 for XRP, suggesting the $250 might be a brief stop on a longer and more profitable journey.

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