Bitcoin NFT sales volume hits $4 billion, analysts predict these altcoins could flip 20X profits


The latest Bitcoin news reveals that the all-time sales volume of NFTs built on the number one cryptocurrency has reached $4 billion, following the all-time sales of well-known altcoins such as Ethereum, Solana and Ronin.

Meanwhile, the new altcoin KangaMoon is expected to continue to appreciate after its debut despite a 400% gain so far in its current presale. Let’s find out why.

KangaMoon is one of the most promising altcoins you can watch

After generating more than $7.9 million in pre-sale revenue, KangaMoon (KANG) continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency space. With traders and crypto enthusiasts joining the token’s network during its bonus phase, it seems that the dual niche network is gaining popularity.

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KangaMoon wants to build a sustainable environment where users can prosper and earn money without much trouble by combining aspects of SocialFi and GameFi.

Especially the upcoming platform “Kangaverse” by KangaMoon uses a special “Play-to-Earn” mechanism to give users and merchants the opportunity to earn money. Here, players can participate in a variety of activities, including battle-themed competitions, speculative betting, in-game asset trading, and special giveaways to win prizes, usually in the form of KANG, the network’s native token, and other valuables.

Given its remarkable performance during the presale stages, KangaMoon now has over 32,000 registered users, of which 10,000 are token holders. In addition, KangaMoon recently partnered with RaidSharkBot in an effort to increase market reach and community participation and ultimately expand its influence throughout the crypto market and beyond.The native token KANG has seen a significant increase in price even though KangaMoon is still in the bonus phase of the presale. Thus, the token generated over 400% for early buyers of KANG tokens after the price rose from $0.005 at the start of its presale to $0.025 at this time.

Now offers a good entry point for potential buyers as the token continues to grow, especially since CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko have listed the coin and BitMart will list it soon.

Bitcoin NFT has reached a new milestone

Based on recent Bitcoin news, NFT sector data tracking platform CryptoSlam revealed on June 4 that the total volume of NFT sales on the Bitcoin blockchain exceeded $4 billion at its highest point. This amount consists of $82 million in wash sales and $3.97 billion in NFT sales. Over the past 30 days, $171 million worth of NFTs built on Bitcoin have been sold, making it the most popular blockchain in terms of sales volume.

Although Bitcoin-based NFTs lead by 30-day volume, their sales rank only ranks them fourth largest in blockchain. Meanwhile, the price of Bitcoin is raise by almost 4% within the last week. It is currently trading above the $70,000 mark, with holders remaining optimistic as they expect Bitcoin price to cross its ATH soon.

Ethereum price is heading for a new ATH

Ethereum price approaches almost $4,000, then heads for a new ATH. This rise coincides with speculation that a big price rally could start from the ETF’s recent approval. At the time of writing, the value of Ethereum is hovering around $3,820, as for the last Over $24 billion was traded in 13 hours.

Strong financial activity is also evidenced by the approaching record high of $47 billion in total value locked in Ethereum’s second layer networks. Given recent ETF approvals, cryptocurrency investors and major Ethereum stakeholders are bullish on the potential growth of institutionalinvestments.

Solana Price Chart Analysis

After more than a month of consolidation between $116 and $164, Solana (SOL), which evaluates at $79 billion and is in fifth place by market capitalization, broke the resistance level of $164.5. With this breakout, it began its journey to $216.Meanwhile, the Solana price rose 4% over the past 7 days to $171. Also, after experiencing selling pressure from the $189 level, Solana coin recovered above the $164 support level.

SOL’s decline could gain momentum if it returns to the $116-$164.50 range. However, Solana price is likely to move towards the $216 resistance if it closes above the $164.50 support daily.

Ronin price prediction

According to a recent Ronin price forecast, the coin’s value is expected to decline by 10.33% to reach $2.7 around July 4, 2024. Furthermore, technical indicators indicate that the current sentiment is bullish. In the previous 30 days, Ronin coin had 13/30 (43%) green days and 8% price volatility.

Based on past price fluctuations of Ronin and BTC halving cycles, the yearly low price forecast for 2025 is expected to be $2.10. The price of Ronin is expected to rise to $5.5 in the next year. The current 2025 Ronin price prediction range is $2.10 on the low end and $5.5 on the high end. In 2025, if Ronin reaches the higher price target, the altcoin could gain 77.4% from its current price.

Will KangaMoon’s rate of price increase be equivalent to that of other top altcoins?

Given KangaMoon’s current rate, analysts have a very optimistic outlook for the altcoin. According to the developers, KangaMoon is one of the most promising altcoins to watch as it is expected to reach $1 dollar by the end of the year, especially since the token recently announced that it will be listed on BitMart and another prestigious cryptocurrency exchange, which making it able to compete with other top altcoins.

Discover the exciting opportunities of the KangaMoon (KANG) Presale today!


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This article is sponsored content and does not reflect the opinion of the CryptoDnes team. The material does not constitute investment advice and is provided by the respective company.

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